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Brown Sugar

Also Known As : Cane sugar, Raw sugar, Whole cane sugar,Bhuri cheeni


Taste Profile

Brown sugar has strong caramel flavor along with a little acidity and bitterness.It usually tastes like crystallized molasses or toffee.

Usage Tips

  1. Brown sugar is commonly used in baking. It is so because they have give out caramelised flavour to the baked product. Therefore, they are used in cakes, custards, puddings souffles, et cetera. They are also used in pies, as they add moisture to the baked product. Moreover, as they have a crumbly texture, thus they are sprinkled on top of puddings to get a nice bubbly and crunchy top.

Common names and forms

  1. Brown Sugar Syrup
  2. Natural Brown Sugar
  3. Organic Brown Sugar


Brown sugar is generally produced by coating crystals of sucrose with molasses,and minute percentage of invert sugar might also be present. The presence of molasses gives a delicate flvour and aroma. It has large, clear sparkling crystals that usually have a moist texture. There are two common types of brown sugar light and the dark, where the light brown sugar contains around 3.5% molasses and dark one contains 6.5% of molasses. Moreover,the lighter the brown sugar the more delicate is the flavour, while the dark one has a more intense flavour. One of the varieties of brown sugar happens to be Demerara, named after the Demerara area of Guyana. It is coarsely grained with partially-refined raw sugar containing some residual impurities. The colour varies from dark brown to golden brown, with a strong dark molasses flavour.


Health benefits

  • Brown sugar contains few calories which helps in preventing obesity.(1)
  • It prevents asthma and fights against allergic reactions.(1)
  • It has antiseptic properties that help in healing minor cuts.(1)
  • It helps in improving the digestion function of the stomach.(1)

Selection Guide

Always look up for the packaging date. Also look for those that are free of moisture and are dry. Moreover, the sugar should move freely as that indicated the freshness.


Overconsumption of brown sugar may cause diabetes and increase the risk of heart problems.(2) 

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