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Also Known As : Kuttu, Kootu, Okhla
Technical Name : Fagopyrum esculentum


Taste Profile

Buckwheat has strong and bitter flavor. Roasted buckwheat has an intense taste which is similar to dark toasted bread.

Usage Tips

  1. Buckwheat is used to bake gluten free breads and biscuits.
  2. It is even used to create a type of Japanese noodles called as Soba noodles.

Common names and forms

  1. Buckwheat Kernels
  2. Natural Buckwheat


Buckwheat is basically seed of flowering fruit that is mostly related to  rhubarb and sorrel.It is named buckwheat because it is often used in the same way as wheat. It is consumed in form of flour in many parts of India during the days of fasting such as Navaratri, Janamashthami, Ekadashi, and Shivaratri. It is available in roasted and unroasted forms. The roasted form is known as ‘kasha’ which is widely used in traditional European dishes.It is one of famous subsitute for gluten intolerant people.

Health benefits

  • Buckwheat helps to reduce bad cholesterol. Thus buckwheat is highly beneficial for people with heart problem. (1) 
  • Consuming buckwheat is great source of plant based proteins for vegetarians and vegans.(2)


It may cause nausea, vomiting, difficulty in breathing in the people who are allergic to buckwheat. (3) 

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