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Chilli Red

Also Known As : Lal mirch, Red Chilli
Technical Name : Capsicum annuum


Usage Tips

  1. It is used as a spice for making snacks and dishes.
  2. It enhances the flavour and aroma of food.

Common names and forms

  1. Chilli
  2. Chillies
  3. Chillies Powder
  4. Lal Mirch
  5. Organic Red Chilli Whole
  6. Red Chilli
  7. Red Chilli Long
  8. Red Chilli Stemless
  9. Red Chilli Whole
  10. Red Chillies
  11. Red chilly 3 to 4 soak in 1 tablespoon hot water
  12. Red Chilly Pepper
  13. Spice (Chilli)
  14. Whole Graded Chilli
  15. Whole Red Chilly


Chilli is a vital fruit that belongs to Capsicum genus. When chilli fruit gets ripened and dried, it becomes red chilli, which is when further grounded leads to formation of  red chilli powder. Red chilli is famous across the globe due to  its pungency, taste and flavor and has became one of the integral spice in cooking recipes.

Health benefits

  • It contains potassium and Vitamin A that reduces the risk of heart diseases and promotes strong bones and healthy neurons.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose red chilli that has a glossy skin and fresh green stem.


Overconsumption of red chilli causes heartburn,indigestion and burning of stomach wall.(2)

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