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Citric Acid


Taste Profile

It has sour taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Citric acid is used as a food preservative and added to food and beverages to maintain their pH level.
  2. It is also used to enhance the flavour of food by adding a subtle sour taste.

Common names and forms

  1. (Food Acid [Citric])
  2. Acid: Citric Acid
  3. Acidifier citric acid
  4. Acidifying Agent: Citric Acid
  5. Acidulant ( Citric Acid )
  6. Citric Acid (Acidity Regulator)
  7. Citric Acid (pH Stabilizer)
  8. Citric Acid (Preservative)
  9. Food Acid (330)
  10. Food Acid (Citric)
  11. Food Acid: Citric Acid
  12. Neembusat
  13. Nimbu Ka Sat
  14. Nimbu Satva


Citric Acid is an organic acid which is naturally present in citrus fruits like lemons and lime. It is used as a food additive in the form of acidifying agent and preservative.

Health benefits

  • Citric Acid has alkalizing effects that helps to counteract acidic foods.(1)
  • It helps to improve functions of endothelium.(1)
  • It helps to prevent kidney stones.(1)

Selection Guide

Check for the manufacturing date and expiry date on the label to make sure it has not expired.


Those who have sensitive skin must avoid it as it may cause allergic reactions. It can irritate nasal passageways and cause asthma. It may cause heartburn and acid reflux in some people.(2)

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