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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Also Known As : Olive oil


Taste Profile

It tastes a bit spicy and bitter.

Common names and forms

  1. First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  2. Imported Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Edible Grade (First Cold Pressed)
  3. Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


It is a premium quality cooking oil made by extracting juice from fresh olives without the use of chemicals and any refining.

Health benefits

  • It is a heart-healthy oil, rich in vitamin E, vitamin K and antioxidant properties.(1)

Selection Guide

Look for the manufacturing date on the label of the bottle to know if it is fresh. Fresh olive oil ususally has a green fruity smell.


Excessive consumption of this oil may lead to obesity as it is high in calories. It may cause allergic reaction if it comes in contact with people having sensitive skin.(2)

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