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Jackfruit seed

Technical Name : Artocarpus heterophyllus


Taste Profile

Jackfruit seeds taste like a fruity potato.

Usage Tips

  1. They have been used in Traditional Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac and treatment for digestive issues.
  2. They can be added to smoothies.
  3. They should be not be eaten raw as they contain antinutrient content which are tannins and trypsin inhibitors.

Common names and forms

  1. kathal ke beej


Jackfruit seeds have an oval shape, and their size is similar to Brazil nut. They are light brown in color. Jackfruit seeds are surrounded by the flesh and enclosed in a white aril surrounding a thin brown spermoderm ( the covering of a seed which is sometimes limited to the outer coat or testa), which covers the fleshy white-colored cotyledon. They are usually consumed in boiled or roasted form.

Health benefits

  • Jackfruit seeds contain iron, that helps to treat anemia and prevent many blood disorders.(1)
  • They help to treat constipation.(1)
  • They contain vitamin A, which is known to boost vision health.(1)
  • They also contain protein which helps in building muscles.(1)
  • he antioxidants present in jackfruit can fight the free radicals that may cause premature aging.(1)


Avoid the use of raw jackfruit seeds, as they are indigestible due to the presence of a powerful trypsin inhibitor.(2)

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