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Kidney Beans

Also Known As : Rajma
Technical Name : Phaseolus vulgaris


Usage Tips

  1. It can be cooked as a curry and served with rice.
  2. It can also be boiled and used in salads.

Common names and forms

  1. Kashmiri Beans
  2. Munsiara Rajma
  3. Organic Red Kidney Beans
  4. Organic Sparkled Kidney Beans
  5. Rajma
  6. Rajma Chitra
  7. Red Kidney Beans
  8. Red Rajma


Kidney beans belong to the family of beans. It resembles the shape and colour of kidney.

Health benefits

  • Kidney beans prevent colon cancer as it is high in antioxidants.(1)
  • They are loaded with fibre and protein which are helpful for a healthy and glowing skin.(1)
  • They reduce the risk of high blood pressure.(1)
  • They help to prevent osteoporosis.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose Kidney beans that are dry, firm, uniform in colour and not shriveled.


High intake of kidney beans can cause abdominal pain, indigestion, gas and poor bowel movement.(2)

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