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Also Known As : Cocum
Technical Name : Garnicia Indica


Taste Profile

It has sweet and sour flavour.

Usage Tips

  1. Kokum is used in foods like pickles and chutneys.
  2. It can be sundried to be used as a souring agent and coloring agent in smoothies and drinks.
  3. It can also be used for seasoning of various dishes.

Common names and forms

  1. Cocum
  2. Dry Amsol
  3. Garcinia [Kokkum]
  4. Kokam Flowers
  5. Kokum Dried
  6. Kokum Juice
  7. Kokum syrup


Kokum is a small round shaped fruit which matures from green to yellow, and then from purple to black color. It is found in western region of coastal southern India. It is consumed both fresh and dried.It is used for making juices.

Health benefits

  • Kokum is a good source of all nutrients that helps to improve immunity.(1)
  • It is good for pregnant ladies along with their babies for its nutritional value.(1)
  • Kokum has anti-inflammatory properties and treats inflammation and burns.(1)
  • It is good for digestive system and stimulates appetite.(1)
  • It controls diabetes and also fights against cancer.(1)
  • It protects against neurological disorders.(1)
  • It also helps in loweing blood sugar level in the body.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose fully ripened, round and shiny black Kokum. Avoid if there is any discoloration or bruises.


Kokum can cause metabolic acidosis if consumed excessively. It must be avoided by those taking medication for high blood pressure. It may also cause skin irritation.(2)

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