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Also Known As : Corn, Bhutta
Technical Name : Zea Mays


Taste Profile

It has a sweet taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Maize can be used as cornmeal, cornstarch, corn cobs and in production of whiskey.

Common names and forms

  1. American corn
  2. American Sweetcorn/bhutta
  3. Boiled kernels
  4. Boiled Sweet Corn Kernels
  5. Corn
  6. Corn Cereal
  7. Corn Kernel
  8. Corn kernels
  9. Corn Meal
  10. Crushed Corn
  11. Makai
  12. Organic Maize
  13. Roasted corn
  14. Sweet Corn
  15. Sweet Corn Kernals and Paste
  16. Sweet Corn Kernels
  17. sweetcorn kernels
  18. Whole Corn
  19. Whole Grain Corn
  20. Whole Grain Corn Meal
  21. Yellow Corn


Maize is a vegetable grain obtained from a grass plant. It is considered as a staple food. Maize is consumed in various forms like tasty Pop corns, Roti, Tortillas, Cornmeals and  boiled sweet corn.

Health benefits

  • Maize is a good source of fibre that helps to treats constipation and haemorrhoids.(1)
  • It contains vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects the body from illness.(1)
  • It helps in gaining weight quickly.(1)
  • Phosphorus in it helps to regulate kidney function and promotes bone growth.(1)
  • It contains magnesium that maintains healthy heart rate.(1)
  • It prevents the formation of cancer cells in the body.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose maize which is plumpy and plenty. Avoid if it has holes.


Maize contains high amount of fatty acids which accelerates heart problems, obesity and allergies.(2)

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