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Also Known As : Black mustard, Yellow mustard, White mustard
Technical Name : Brassica nigra


Taste Profile

It tastes sweet to spicy.  

Usage Tips

  1. It can be added to soups and main dishes to enhance flavour.

Common names and forms

  1. Black Mustard
  2. Contains Mustard
  3. Crushed Mustard
  4. Indian Mustard
  5. Mustard Small
  6. Mustard Whole
  7. Organic Mustard
  8. Sarso saag
  9. Sarson


Mustard is a small annual herb with yellow flowers that belong to the family of the brassicaceae plant. It is a broadleaf, cruciferous, cool-seasoned annual oilseed crop that plays a vital role in condiment market. Yellow mustard has a yellow seed coat and is grown especially for the North American condiment industry as it is used in mayonnaise and salad dressings. Brown mustard has a reddish brown to dark brown seed coat which is used to produce mustards like Dijon mustard.

Health benefits

  • It has a healing effect on damaged nerves.(1)
  • It is excellent for diabetes as it protects against the damage caused by oxidative stress in diabetes.(1)
  • It is also beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels.(1)
  • It contains magnesium and calcium which encourages good bone health.(1)


Mustard is harmful in pregnancy as it can start menstrual periods.(2)

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