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Technical Name : Saccharomycese cerevisiae


Taste Profile

Yeasts tastes nutty, cheesy and delightfully creamy

Usage Tips

  1. In food manufacturing, yeast is used to cause fermentation and leavening. The fungi feed on sugar producing alcohol and carbon dioxide during fermentation which is the desired product in wine and beer manufacture.
  2. In baking it provides bread or any bakery product with a spongy texture.

Common names and forms

  1. Natural yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae)


Yeast are single celled fungi. As fungi, they are related to the other fungi that people are more familiar like edible mushrooms. The shape of yeast is egg like and can only be seen with a microscope. It takes 20 billion yeasts cells to weigh 1 gram . There feed on sugar to obtain energy from food.


Although it's fine to eat baked goods made with yeast but one should never eat raw active yeast as these fungus are still alive and can ferment our digestive system where they will eat our body B-vitamins and produce gas.(1)

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