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23 May, 2019

Jiya Rohit

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I'm a home cook an like trying new new twists an innovative in my food









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Dairy Milk Chocolate Pack 12 grams

I really love ths chocolate since its too yummy an it's from ages no doubt it's nt changed its texture &taste. . If u don't mind can u take out sugar free Cadbury dairy milk. It would be great, since I'm missing it's taste aftr being diagnosed with diabetic I hardly get this chocolate to taste . It's my ll tym favourite right from childhood nw also I only get one piece to taste , during my childhood days I would never like to share ths chocolate wth anyone . Before during my childhood days ths chocolate rates started frm 10 rs nw its value is become more but the taste is the same . I use ths chocolate for making milkshakes, ice cream, cakes, sandwiches . Those chocolate which contains, butties, an dry fruits hv more of these an less of chocolate taste. It's better to enjoy the plain chocolate. I would surely recommend who ever is fond of ths Cadbury dairy milk chocolate it tastes yum an tastier. None of the chocolates can beat it's taste. One last suggestions if u can come out wth sugar free Cadbury dairy milk chocolate I would be very grateful.

11 December, 2020

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Shudh Ghee Plastic Jar 1 litre

This was the first time I used ths ghee since I use to use home made ghee to prepare satvik food an sweets. But when go-to chef people tld thr is a contest happening using this product . I bought it from my nearby grocery store. When I prepared food items I found its aroma ws so nice an it was not smelling like my home made ghee an other brands of ghee . Some ghee r so smelling that u can't resist. But this doesn't smell tat much an it gives my dish a wonderful taste, color& texture. The value fr money ws quiet reasonable compare to others. This jar is so easy to store . The ghee inside is so soft&fresh & it's gt a lovely colour. This ghee I would surely recommend to make sweets & food items like khichdi, satvik food, like dal chawal, aloo ki sabji, parathas . My kids enjoyed eating with aloo ka paratha with ghee . I made dry fruits tokri, aloo ka paratha, satvik khana, saboo dhana ki kheer,I would recommend to use this product u will surely like it

21 December, 2020

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India Hot Sauce Bhoot Glass Bottle 230 grams

Wen I receive this bottle , from go to chef people I checked first it's nutritional values since it had sugar an the values where more . So I wonder wat to do I asked few of my friends to taste an tel me whether it is spicy or sweet . They said it is spicy. Then I wonder wat can I make use of ths sauce then I made this "Open street bread chaat" it came out to be yummy tasty an tangy. I really like the sauce . I would relish eating with pakoras, or it can be used has a dips while serving with chips, french fries. With ths sauce we can use fr making rolls I mean Frankie it would taste more yummy an tastier. My children enjoyed having ths sauce since it's not so much spicy it's adjustable perfect taste of red chillies, the sauce is a creamy taste . The value fr money is quite reasonable since it's new to the market. This product can be used in Chinese foods too like fried rice, gobi manchurian, noodles, spring rolls . I would strongly recommend u buy ths product . U can use ths product fr making dry Sabjis which will make ur dish yummier an tasty

18 January, 2021

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Rava Idli Pack 200 grams

The name itself is totally different , it's been ages using this MTR Rava idli mix . Though I being born an brought up an married in Bangalore I hv frequently visiting MTR hotel bcoz it's famous fr its rava idly . Since I tried making at home but I failed then later someone tld me MTR Rava idli mix is come in the market whr u can make rava idly at home . Then I bought ths I tried it out . U won't believe it tasted superb , since it had ll the ingredients present wat should be present in an rava idly . MTR is an south Indian brand . They hv come out with different savories like sambar pd, bese bale baath pd, rasam pd, chutney poodi , idly,Kesari baath & vadas & an many more . I hv tried almost all masalas from ths MTR brand it gives u a perfect south Indian taste . Before during recent ages they had a packing which ws a green cover an lots of green leafy in the rava idly mix but in ths new packaging it has less green leafy but if u wish to use u can add it for ur taste . MTR brand is all over India an world , the masalas drive ur aroma crazy an u get tempted to eat.

12 February, 2021

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Agro Fresh

White Lobia Pack 500 grams

Lobia is one of my favourite dish. It comes in two colours white& brown. I use it in my daily cooking . I use this lobia for making sabji, salads, mixtures & palya . Before I use to get lobia in loose my sabji would nt taste yum. But when I purchased this agro fresh white lobia my dishes turn out to be yumy an tasty. This lobia has a special kind of fibre called the soluble fibre, which helps us in binding wth the cholesterol levels. It's rich in vitamins, minerals, iron& many other nutrients. In Hindi it is called chawli. I really relish eating with rice or flavored rice an chapattis. While making ths Sabjis I soak this overnight an nxt day I pressure cook it. It cooks so fast an tastes yumy . To avoid small worms inside just dry roast it an preserve it in an air tight container. It remains fresh . It lasts for about an month or two . It depends on the usage . The packaging I liked it. And the value fr money is quite reasonable

02 March, 2021

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Nestle a+

Nourish Dahi Cup 400 grams

The word nestle brand name reminds me right from childhood days . This company s brand products are too good from dahi to tomato sauce, Maggie, milkmaid, an many other products. This curds r so fresh n yummier tastier an thicker . I use this product in my daily cooking. From this curds I make salads, shrikhand, lassi ,curd rice , an even I serve these curds with my paratha. This is a trusted brand . In this the curds r fresh, thicker an yummier in taste. The packaging is so good since the curds don't get sour the next day . U can refrigerator it for only limited few days , since it's taste is yummier an no preservatives added . It's easy to open & close . There is no such brand can beat the taste of nestle dahi. Nw a days I came across they hv come out with different flavours in curds I mean shrikhand . During our time there was only these curds , sauce, Maggie , milkmaid ,but nw they have come up strawberry shrikhand which taste yummy ?. The packaging is good an value for money is quite reasonable anyone can afford. During summer season this curds taste more yummy an tastier ever before. Home made curds we don't get a thick layer but in this u get a bit thicker an yummier tastier an refreshing . It helps us in our digestion system . It gives soothing an cooling inside our stomach.

05 March, 2021

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Moong Dal Pack 1 kilogram

Haldiram's products r very much famous all over. They come wth different varieties . Since I love the aloo bhujia& moong dal mixture . The mixture is fresh an has a zip lock . It's easy to store& carry&it remains fresh... With this mixture I make a lip snacking dish which makes my dish more yummier, tastier & fresh .... It's easy to use . These type of varieties in haldiram's products never get spoilt... The spices r very much equal according to the taste requirements... It's neither too salty nor too spicy. It's perfect

20 March, 2021

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Oats Homestyle Masala Pack 400 grams

I don't know what to say regarding ths product previously I use to use saffola oats then later when they sent me ths I tried out the home style masala & tangy tomato masala bth hav different tastes , who want to eat less spicy cn use home style masala it's quite simple an the spices r well blend according to taste . For old people who don't like much masalas can try ths home style masala , but fr youngsters they would like to have tangy tomato style . From this home made style masala I made panchratna khichdi & from tangy tomato masala I made Sindhi vada curry . Generally oats r good fr health an our stomach filling . They're rich in vitamins, minerals. Ths helps to reduce blood sugar levels, weight loss, & it reduces to heart risk diseases. This oats r used in making sweet dish , cookies, pudding . Oats r generally also called whole grain food . It takes long time to prepare . Before making ths oats u should dry roast them . So tat the raw smell goes. It's good for digestion .

04 April, 2021

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Conscious Food

Barley Jav Organic Pack 500 grams

For the first time I tried to make dosa , since most of them must be using barley for making rotis . Wen I made this I really enjoyed it, since it was stomach filling &ws sustainable . This barley works wonders fr me both health wise since fr sugar patients barley is good, since it hepls to improve our intestine , it keeps it healthy , it helps to boost our immunity levels too. It helps to control cholesterol levels an good fr asthmatic . If u drink daily barley water it helps to reduce ur weight . It helps in preventing getting stones in the kidney . It's good fr diabetic people. I strongly recommend to buy ths barley product . It will regulate ur sugar levels

28 June, 2021

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Desi Atta

Rajgira Atta - Amaranth Flour Pack 200 grams

Amaranth flour is the English name given to Rajgira Atta. Rajgira means it's a royal grain which means Ramadana . It's own god's grain . U can make lots of varieties in ur dishes by making laddoos, rotis, puris, but I have given it in the form of aloo tikkis . By adding ths powder it gives a wonderful binding an it's gives a wonderful taste to ur dish . This powder is mainly used during hindu festival an among them sindhis used ths powder during thr fasting . During thr fasting they're nt allowed to eat onions& garlic . This powder is a good source of proteins . It helps in building our immune system . It helps in enhancing the bone strength, since calcium is added to strengthen our bones. It helps in lowering our cholesterol levels..

03 July, 2021