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Dr. Oetker Fun foods

Peanut Butter Crunchy Plastic Jar 340 grams

I love this peanut butter , it's yummy & crunchy and good for health. i am use to this on daily bases in my breakfast. I prefer having it on whole wheat toast.

12 September, 2018

Date Crown

Fard Pack 500 grams

This is good for health I am having four dates per day i don't feel any weakness. I prefer having it as a dessert after lunch, which helps me satiate my craving in a healthy way.

12 September, 2018


Muesli No Added Sugar Box 500 grams

I really love it. It is very tasty, crunchy and healthy. i eat it every alternate day in my breakfast. I eat it with Milk without sugar.........

13 September, 2018


Badam Drink Mix Box 200 grams

MTR's products are good. I like it's taste. I often drink MTR Badam Drink Mix powder with cold milk post workout. It makes me feel refreshing & energetic. Mostly i use this in summer season.

13 September, 2018


Fruit Power Guava Tetra Pack 1 litre

I really like Real's Juices. I always prefer real juices for me and my family. Specially i love Guava flavor as it tastes very authentic and very close to real guava flavor. It's so yummy and it's packaging also attractive.

14 September, 2018


Glucose-D Energy Boost Plastic Jar 250 grams

It's my habit to drink glucose during workout in all season. I even eat it directly without mixing with water because i like it's taste. Its very cooling and provide instant energy. As it's packaging is in airtight Jar, it does not get spoiled in rainy season.

15 September, 2018


Mixed Fruit Exotic Jam Glass Jar 250 grams

I prefer Tops mixed fruit jam. I really like it's taste. Since childhood i am eating this jam with bread and roti. This jam has good packaging along with affordable price.

20 September, 2018

Haldiram's Nagpur

Punjabi Tadka Pack 150 grams

I like Halidram's brand and i love the sweet & sour taste of Punjabi Tadka. It works as wonderful munching snack with beer and cold drink. One more think that i like about the product is it's affordable price.

25 September, 2018


American Style Cream & Onion Flavour Pack 52 grams

Lay's chips are cheesy and yummy in taste. Among all, this is my favourite flavor. I usually eat 20 rupees packet whenever i feel hungry. What i dislike about the product is brand disguise customer in terms of quantity as more than half of the packet is filled with air.

25 September, 2018


Orchard Pure Peach Plastic Bottle 500 millilitre

I like only the packaging of this product. I don't like the taste of this water. Product price is very high and it doesn't give natural taste.

30 September, 2018


Fruit Power Pomegranate Tetra Pack 1 litre

I really like real juices. I prefer real juices for me and my family. I feel this is the purest juice brand among all other brands. I drink one glass every alternative day as it is good for health.

09 October, 2018


Tomato Ketchup Glass Bottle 200 grams

Tops ketchup i like this taste, my family use this with samosa, aaloo tikki etc. I have it with maggi and chowmein. It's packaging is also attractive.

09 October, 2018


Syrup Genuine Chocolate Flavor Plastic Bottle 623 grams

I love the taste of Hershey's Syrup Chocolate Flavor. It's so yummy . Whenever i want to eat chocolate i put 2-3 spoons of this in milk, make a shake of this and drink. But i finish this very soon.

09 October, 2018

Act II

Classic Salted Popcorn Pack 90 grams

I love eating popcorn and act2 has the best popcorn and is very pocket friendly. The quantity of each packet is sufficient for two people..

10 October, 2018


Choco-Chip Cookies Pack 150 grams

I love to eat Britannia Choco Chip Cookies. I usually eat this biscuit by dipping it in tea and warn milk. It's very yummy and tasty. The best think i like about the product is the chocolaty flavor which comes due to choco chips present in biscuit.

10 October, 2018


Bournvita Pro Health Vitamins Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

It's was my first preference in my childhood. I really like to eat the Bourn Vita powder . When I dint drink milk my mom mixed this with milk and it tasted yum . Compared to other products in this category this is the best because it tastes better and is also reasonable.

15 October, 2018


Energy Drink Plastic Bottle 200 millilitre

I like Panchamrit Energy Drink. it's good for health. i really like one thing about the product that it is a combination of five ingredients which are my favourite - honey, cardmom & cloves , nutmegs, saffron & tulshi along with reasonable price.

16 October, 2018


Chana Masala Box 100 grams

MDH is A-Grade spice mix. Its a different channa masala from other.I like it and packaging also. It makes such a delicious dish with so little effort.

16 October, 2018

Express Foods

Domino's Cookies Chocolate-Chip Box 200 grams

The Best Choco Chip Cookies i really like the taste of this cookies. it's very crispy and perfect combination of sweet. Also the size of the cookie and choco chips are bigger than other cookies.

19 October, 2018


Chaat Masala Box 500 grams

In my home everyone is very very fond of chatpata and tangy taste food. We use Everest chaat masala. My family member strictly have home food. So We make varieties of dishes at home and all involves chaat masala.For example, samosa, cutlet, chola, fruit chat, salad.

21 October, 2018


Butter Pasteurised Box 500 grams

I really like Amul products. I am going to tell about my personal experience with amul butter, no matter how many health butter replacements are available in the market, amul butter is Amul butter. Pav bhaji made with any other butter does not taste like real pav bhaji. But with Amul butter it's very delicious.

21 October, 2018


2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

Maggi is my favorite dish from my childhood. I love maggi masala and it's first product which i have cooked by myself. It's ready very quickly without any extra efforts. It's available in different packaging along with reasonable price.

21 October, 2018


Amla Candy Plastic Jar 500 grams

I eat Amla candy everyday and it is very healthy for our body as it is rich in vitamins .their are no bad nutrients in this as it is product of Patanjali. As Baba Ramdev says his everything is natural. it's available with good packaging and reasonable price.

23 October, 2018

Haldiram's Prabhuji

Gulab Jamun Box 500 grams

I believe haldiram is the one stop solution for all the people who love pure food. I love sweets and when i think about eating sweets some brands comes to my mind, one of them is Haldiram. Halidiram's Gulab Jamun is very tasty and soft. I prefer this for my family also.

23 October, 2018


Cooking Spray Olive Oil Tin 250 millilitre

About Ray Cooking Spray Olive Oil i am sharing my personal experience. It is useful for cooking small quantity food. It's good for taste and texture. But product price is high .

25 October, 2018


Angoori Petha Tin 1000 grams

I really like to eat sweets. Bansiwala Angoori Petha is very tasty with nice packaging. Genuine Agra taste you can cherish. Petha is the real food without any mixing.

25 October, 2018


Cheese for Pizza with Mozzarella Box 200 grams

I love cheez a lot. But I prefer buying Britannia cheese only.The texture of Britannia cheese slices is soft and delicious. Britannia cheez is good in taste because the level of salt is well maintained not too much. Each slices are well packed.

26 October, 2018


Dairy Milk Silk Roast Almond Pack 137 grams

I love this chocolate .Actually I love so many chocolates but this cadbury silk is one of my favourite because of its awesome delicious roasted almond flavor. The moment I saw the advertisement on TV, I was very curious to taste it.

26 October, 2018


Rose Falooda Mix Box 200 grams

I mostly use Gits Rose Falooda in summer. Me and my family really like it's taste. One thing i like about the product is quantity is sufficient enough that i usually make 7-8 cups of Rose Falooda. Price of product is lower in comparison with other brand like Fivestar.

27 October, 2018


Honey Squeezy Bottle 400 grams

Dabur is a well known brand. I use honey with warm water early morning, When i use Dabur Honey i feel it's so pure and taste is also good. Some time i use this honey as a face pack because of it's purity.

27 October, 2018


Cappuccino Pack 100 grams

Nescafe Cappuccino is my favorite as It is easy to make. Whenever i want to have coffee i like to go with Nescafe Cappuccino. It's so tasty, i prepare by mixing cold water, cold milk and few ice cubes.

29 October, 2018

Parle Hide & Seek

Delicious Choco Filled Rolls Box 120 grams

I like the brand Parle from my childhood. Now i am going to share my personal experience about Parle Hide & Seek Choco filled rolls. It has got a tremendous taste that is entirely different from other biscuits. This taste has become my habit. Whenever i go to market i can't stop myself to purchase this biscuits.

01 November, 2018


Orange Juice Tetra Pack 1000 millilitre

I have drank Tropicana Orange Juice some times but I don't like its taste. It taste somewhat different that other juices like "Real juice". Price is also higher then real juice. I will definitely not going to recommend this product to anybody in my life.

04 November, 2018


Classic Salted Potato Chips Pack 52 grams

I like Lay's Chips, but Lays's this flavor (Salted Potato) i really don't like. It's tasteless. Product quantity is extremely less and entire packet is filled by air. It's totally wastage of money.

04 November, 2018

Coffee Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Recipe

This dessert is pure indulgence!

18 July, 2019

Badami(almond)Paneer Kebab Recipe

I am very health conscious and love this type of recipe. Paneer and almond is the part of my daily diet. I really thankfull to you for sharing this.

02 August, 2019

How to make pure ghee at home - homemade - healthy Recipe

Ghee making for me has never been easy.But reading your recipe I realise it can be done easily. Great recipe and so convenient!

09 August, 2019

Minappa Sunnundalu Recipe

I love sweets and it's unique recipe for me. it's looking delicious, I will try to make it.

14 August, 2019

Kaju Khajur Bhakarwadi Recipe

I liked the making technique of this recipe. Its looking delicious. Dry fruits make dishes tasty and healthy. I will try it.

20 August, 2019

Dal Makhani Tarts Recipe

Wow it looks so yummy, and its a different dish. I will try this at home.

03 September, 2019

Rasmalai cake Recipe

Wow its so yummy. I had rasmalai, but first time i am seeing rasmalai cake. i want to try it.

21 September, 2019

Nargisi Kofta with Leftover Veggies Recipe

It's really looking so yummy. I am feeling to try it right away.

27 September, 2019

Sizzling paneer and tofu momos Recipe

I love to eat Momos. And i search protein source in foods. Its nice combination of fast food and protein.

21 April, 2020

Choco Strawberry Truffle Recipe

Its really yummy and easy to make. My nephews love to eat this flavor. I will also try at home as per your guidelines.

21 April, 2020

Homemade Chicken Broast Recipe

Delicious!! You are absolutely right chicken lovers can't stop yourself to eat fried chicken. Your presentation is really attractive, no one can,t stop to try this at home after see this.

21 April, 2020

Kale chips Recipe

I am seeing it first time, really its amazing. I can prepare its easily, i will definitely try this.

21 April, 2020

Vegan Chocolate Cake Waffle Recipe

Yummy!! Its healthy desert. I love some ingredients like Soya Milk, Peanut butter etc.

21 April, 2020

Watermelon Salad Recipe

Watermelon is my favorite and you gave us a good way to make it more Delicious. After eat this feel a re freshness

21 April, 2020

Oats Idli Recipe

Wow!! It's very light food and low fat. I will star eating this instead of rice Idli.

30 April, 2020

Spinach millet dhokla Recipe

Wow!! It's looking delicious. I will also try as per your guidance.

30 April, 2020

Upside Down Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe

Wow it's really nice recipe. It's different from others.

07 May, 2020

Samosa calzone Recipe

Looking delicious ?. I always eat normal Samosa, now I want to try it's healthier version.

07 May, 2020

Leftover Rice and Chicken Soup Recipe

It's such a nice recipe. Most of your recipe learn how to use leftover things and make leftover things more delicious.

07 May, 2020


Wow it's amazing, all ingredients are almost available in kitchens. We will try at home.

07 May, 2020

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