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Anjumara Rathod


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08 April, 2019



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Chatakdaar Ketchup Glass Bottle 500 grams

We are grown up by having this wonderful taste of kissan ketchup and they have always come up with new taste which is always awesome ,no doubt that this is number one he has his own place no one else can replace.

22 April, 2019

Women's Horlicks

Caramel Flavour Plastic Jar 400 grams

As everyone knows many of us women's have less intake of calcium because of not paying attention towards ourself because of paying attention on family and children's they forget that they also need good health same like this I was also having calcium deficiency so after watching advertisement I started taking every morning women's horlicks there is lot of improvement.

22 April, 2019


Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

During summer we always wanted to have something chilled many prefer coldrinks but I prefer to have this amul masti butter milk which is really taste like homemade and make you cool from inside when u have this good for digestion also.

22 April, 2019


Cheese for Pizza with Mozzarella Box 200 grams

I am a home chef and whenever I want to make something in appetizer or pizza I always prefer amul cheeza because it has combination of mozzarella cheez also so for making anything with cheez instead of taking 2 types of cheez this one is the best cheez i am loving it.

22 April, 2019


2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

Maggi noodles the best and quickest way when you are terribly hungry it's not only children first choice but its everyone's choice I like to do experiments with noodles making in different styles so if someone asks me can u have maggi noodles daily my answer will be always a big yes with a big smile.

29 April, 2019


Chaat Masala Box 500 grams

As I mentioned on title of this product it really gives a punch to the recepie for any simple made dishes also we experiments in many way this chat masala i use regular for dressing any salads, chats, or making any appetizer it gives extra taste .Everest hold trust so I can use this product and recommend to others to buy this.

19 August, 2019


Fresh Cream Tetra Pack 250 millilitre

Amul fresh cream I use more than 3 to 4 times in a week I am crazy for making dessert and adding this fresh cream makes my dessert super delicious I like to do experiments with the amul fresh cream by adding while making any sweets and when I want some quick and fast I make fruit custard with fresh cream the taste is amazing when u add in fruits I recommend this product value for money and quality is super creamy.

20 August, 2019

Nestle EveryDay

Dairy Whitener Pack 400 grams

This I keep regular at home and been added every month in my grocery list because it's really good and very helpful when you are shortage of milk at home sometime or shortage for some reason at your regular baniya this helps solve our problem for making tea I not only use it for making tea but sometime I make mawa ( khoya ) for making some instant desserts where I need so I dont gave to run to shop to purchase khoya its quickly made. value for money and with good quality .

20 August, 2019


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