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I am a food enthusiast with quite knowledge of the culinary world, love to cook new recipes and gather knowledge about food world from different sources. I like to travel new places and try there cuisines and understand their respective food culture.

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Act II

Classic Salted Popcorn Pack 90 grams

Being very fond of popcorn ACTII is my favourite brand for that. It has maintained the authentic taste of popcorns from a very long time, the best part about this product is that, person of any age can eat it without any hesitation and can have fun of it's lip smacking taste. One of the important wonder this product possess is that it is ready in minimum time duration.

17 June, 2019


Cheese Slices Pouch 100 grams

One of the world's most loved and used ingredient i.e CHEESE and making it so tasty and easy to use is the speciality of this product. whether it is sandwich, pizza , burger , nachos etc. enumurous dishes you are making, it can be used anywhere and will give you that cheesy, soft and melt in your mouth feel you want from a perfect dish.

17 June, 2019


Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

awesome taste and extremely healthy. Gives you a large amount of energy with good taste. Easy to carry and an affordable ready to drink beverage.

17 June, 2019


Mixed Fruit Exotic Jam Glass Jar 250 grams

if u don't like to eat raw fruits or u r unable to fetch them in your area jams are best to consume and in that this TOPS jam is my favourite now. an awesome texture with wonderful taste and a versatile ingredient to many dishes.

17 June, 2019

Queen's Quinoa

Grain Tin 250 grams

Nowadays quinoa grains are very in trend. Being extremely healthy and nutritious it is an amazing food product for health conscious people. A quality product with quality ingredients.

18 June, 2019


Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

A highly convenient product. Carries a good amount and good quality of peas. Being frozen and out of the pods it is very easy to store and use.

18 June, 2019


Nonfat Probiotic Drink Plastic Bottle 65 millilitre

It's important to take care of our digestive system and specially the intestine. For this yakult is the best product. It is highly nutritious and amazingly tasty.

18 June, 2019


Kool Koko Chocolate Milk Tin 200 millilitre

if somebody is fond of cold coffee this product is best for them. Chilled beverage with same original taste and aroma of coffee anytime and anywhere.

18 June, 2019


Cheese for Pizza with Mozzarella Box 200 grams

pizza without cheese is nothing but a normal faded dish and best cheese for pizza is mozzarella and Britannia gives u one of the best quality and authentic mozzarella cheese fir your pizza

18 June, 2019


Afghani Seekh Kabab Chicken Pack 250 grams

All the non veg lovers would love this product. The real and authentic taste of chicken with perfect texture and feel of the famous chicken seekh kebab.

20 June, 2019


Cheese & Onion Sausages Chicken Pack 250 grams

everybody loves sausages in there sandwiches, burgers, delis etc. this product fullfill that need of yours. It comes with same original taste and texture of sausages made up of juicy chicken with exotic flavours of cheese and onion.

20 June, 2019


2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

I love maggi since my childhood and the best part is the taste never changed. Best quality product with amazing taste and is prepared instantly.

20 June, 2019


Pickled Vegetables Sliced Jalapeno Glass Jar 350 grams

Healthy and nutritious food product can be used in many dishes. Since it is sliced it saves time in cooking. Increases the taste of evry dish in which it is used in.

20 June, 2019


Butter Pasteurised Box 500 grams

There is no match for the taste of amul butter. It is my favourite since my childhood and use it in almost every cuisine i make. It makes my morning toast so tasteful and exotic.

20 June, 2019


Hazelnut Tetra Pack 180 millilitre

Coffee lovers gonna love this product. It is one of the best refreshment in summers. The best part of this product is the hazelnut flavor. Very easy to consume and very easy to store.

24 June, 2019

Women's Horlicks

Caramel Flavour Plastic Jar 400 grams

women doing so much work in day to day life need a lot of energy and strength to keep that energy and strength maintained this product is best for women and comes in very delicious flavor of caramel.

24 June, 2019

Del Monte

Baby Corn Glass Jar 340 grams

Baby corn is a very versatile ingredient in many cuisines. Being tasty it is healthy as well, this product provide ready to eat baby corn which can be directly added to a dish or can be cooked easily.

24 June, 2019


Deggi Mirch, Chilli Powder Box 100 grams

a versatile spice, can be used in multiple cuisines and dishes and increases the taste and spicy flavor of the dish. Very easy to store and very easy to use.

08 July, 2019

Tata Sampann

Naturally Rich Garam Masala Box 45 grams

A versatile product which makes any dish more tasty more delicious. Good in quality according to the price but while i went through the ingredients i found one thing quite confusing...i.e., if this is a masala then why they have written coriander instead of coriander seeds/powder?? Another one is fennel, shouldn't it be fennel seeds/powder rather than only fennel?? Since fresh leafy greens and vegetables are not added to spice blends (in this case garam masala)so how can it be mentioned that the product contains coriander and fennel.Can anyone guide on this?

08 July, 2019

No Oven Chilli fish Bun

Awesome recipe, very creative, tastes amazing and the best part is, it takes very less time to prepare and gives a bang on taste. The fish stuffing is so amazing and lip smacking.

12 July, 2019

Noodles Paneer Spindles

Never saw such creativity with paneer and such a wonderful combination of paneer and noodles.

12 July, 2019


A great combination of orange and chicken. Such a wonderful work on spices and the twist of orange is truly mind blowing.

12 July, 2019

Egg paneer Recipe

Awesome use of egg and paneer together quite a rare but exciting combination.

18 October, 2019

Cashew Custard Apple Recipe

A very innovative and creative way to represent custard apple. Beautiful presentation, good job.

01 November, 2019

Thayir Vadai with fried gram flour balls nd saffron flavoured curd Recipe

very beautifully presented and very well executed

25 November, 2019

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