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Dr.Deepti Srivastava


I love cooking,travelling n shopping. N want to make new friends,cook n learn new recipes.

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12 April, 2019



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Cashews Roasted & Salted Malabar Masala Pack 250 grams

Almond n cashews both are very useful of our health. *Almonds Are Loaded With Antioxidants. .. High in Vitamin E. .for hair n skin it is very useful. It can assist with Blood Sugar Control. .. #Cashews contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, including oleic and palmitoleic acids.These are essential fatty acids that have been associated with lower levels of unhealthy LDL cholesterol and higher levels of healthy HDL cholesterol.

19 April, 2019


Hing Plastic Jar 50 grams

This truly is the best hing ever. This raw hing (asafoetida) powder has a pleasant aroma and is essential to Southern Indian vegetarian cooking. It comes from the dried resin of a species of giant fennel. This hing powder is pleasantly aromatic and pungent raw and becomes mellow and garlicky when cooked in ghee.

23 May, 2019


2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

I love maggi. U can make it every ways. Variety of maggi likes oats maggi, aata noodles it. This is easily available in the market.

23 May, 2019

Idiyappam is a rice noodle dish originating from the Indian subcontine ...

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This is great breakfast food. Very healthy & tasty.

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Mango_Smoothei is very common, let try some twist by adding coffee ? M ...

Mango shake is very common, let try some twist by adding coffee ? Mang ...

healthy summer drink made with roasted gram flour. roasted black chick ...

Delicious Oreo Muffins

Vegetarian paneer based snack.

Healthy and delicious snack.