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Exotic Pickle Green Chilli Sliced (Without Garlic) Bottle 300 grams

Best green chilli pickle ever tasted. The taste is just awesome. Chilli pickle lovers, a must try for you.

07 April, 2018


Bournvita Pro Health Vitamins Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

Only because of bournvita i can drink milk till date. It makes milk tastier and bearable to drink. No other shake can beat the taste of bournvita. Amazing taste.

07 April, 2018


Mixed Pickle Pouch 200 grams

A pickle you might find in every household. From kids to adults everyone loves this pickle. I am die heart fan of this pickle. Tasty and best. It is value for money.

07 April, 2018


Butter Pasteurised Box 500 grams

Amul known by its brand and is also by its taste. This butter makes parathas tasty. The taste of this is just wow, even the packaging of product is synced well. Amazing taste. Found in almost every household. Good for people of all ages.

07 April, 2018

Haldiram's Nagpur

Bhel Puri Pack 300 grams

It is a quick snack. Best for munching with soft drinks and even good for travel. Packaging of the product is awesome. Also various sauces kept in the product makes it tasty.

07 April, 2018


India's Magic Masala Pack 57 grams

Great packaging and value for money. Cheap and best in taste. Great snack for munching with drinks. Easily available on every confectionery.

07 April, 2018


Mixed Fruit Jam Glass Jar 500 grams

Packaging of the product is very lucrative. It is value for money. Best thing for breakfast and tasty also. Can be eaten with bread, buns and chapatis.

07 April, 2018


Cheese Block Box 400 grams

Used in pizzas, pastas. Makes recipes tasty. Good in taste. Packaging is great. There are various Cheese available in market but i find britannia cheese is the best.

07 April, 2018


Garlic & Herbs Buttery Spread Box 100 grams

I recommend everyone to use this product. Butter with Garlic. Great in taste. Can be eaten with bread, chapatis and on parathas even. Try making vegetable maggi using this. I am sure you will love it :)

07 April, 2018


Cheese Processed Cheese Spread - 5 Slices Pack 100 grams

It is highly recommended cheese that burst awesome flavor in mouth.It can be easily used in preparing delicious burger ... not to miss those cheesy sandwich whose main ingredient is Amul cheese...Do try the divine taste

07 April, 2018


Mixed Fruit Exotic Jam Glass Jar 250 grams

I love this jam brand over any other brand as it is super fresh and tasty, i eat this with parathas and bread. I eat it with bread whenever i don't want to cook and it saves time.

09 May, 2018

Nestle a+

Nourish Dahi Cup 400 grams

This is the best curd brand. I eat this curd with parathas and rice. I also make a lot of dishes like kadhi from this. It is very fresh comparative to other brands and i love to eat it only chilled.

09 May, 2018


Choco Buttery Spread Box 200 grams

A spread which when added to bread can be eaten whenever you are hungry. Nothing more to add in bread, only a layer of this spread makes it the best. Love Love Love!!!!!!!!!

10 May, 2018

Smith & Jones

Ginger Garlic Paste Pouch 200 grams

I love packaging of this product as i can use it as much as I need without getting wasted. It helps me save alot of time as i don't need to chop ginger and put this paste directly for every dish.

10 May, 2018


Slimz Low Fat Cheesy Slices Pack 100 grams

A slice of britannia cheese in breads or buns makes burgers tasty. I am a cheese lover and it is so convenient to use the these slices. :) :)

10 May, 2018


Cheese for Pizza with Mozzarella Box 200 grams

I use britannia cheezza while baking Pizza at home. I grate this on top of my pizza with vegetables . I like this as its more cheesy and stretchy. It tastes better than other pizza cheese as this contains a little salt.

10 May, 2018

Haldiram's Nagpur

Khatta Meetha Pack 150 grams

Khatta Meetha Nagpur Namkeen best for serving to guests. Best to be served with Hot Drinks like coffee or tea. Taste is best, beats all other brands.

10 May, 2018


2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

I love maggi as it is a time saver for me. I am eating maggi since my childhood. Maggi masala is unbeatable in its taste. Original flavour of maggi is in the masala only. I love the packaging of the product also as it connects me to my childhood memories

10 May, 2018

Haldiram's Nagpur

Moong Dal Pack 350 grams

I love moong dal namkeen as its not very spicy. I eat it with cold drinks . I also love the packaging as it comes with a zip lock and its easy to store.

10 May, 2018

To Be Healthy

Gourmet Spiced Okra Chips Pack 50 grams

Healthy Gourmet Spiced Chips. Healthy and tasty chips. Good for munching and snacking. Best to be eaten with drinks and also best chips to be eaten during office hours.

10 May, 2018


Sriracha Sauce Plastic Bottle 320 grams

Veeba has a lot of flavours of sauces but this is the one i love the most. It can be eaten with any snack and makes the snack more tasty. A must try product.

12 September, 2018


100% Natural Premium Kashmiri Walnut Kernels Pack 200 grams

Happilo is the best brand for walnuts. Walnuts are super crunchy and fresh . The packaging is also very attractive. A must try brand for every walnut lover.

12 September, 2018


Chaat Masala Box 500 grams

I love this chaat masala. Everest is the only brand i am eating this since childhood. I eat it with fruits and salads. I don't like its packaging but the taste it awesome.

13 September, 2018


Authentic Basmati Rice Pack 5 kilogram

Best basmati rice. I love the packaging of this product. My mom makes biryani using this product. I am so used to this product that i cannot eat any other brand rice.

13 September, 2018

Mother Dairy

Tadka Chach Spiced Butter Milk Plastic Bottle 200 millilitre

I love the taste of this chach. Its taste is amazing. I love drinking this product when it is chilled and it is ready to drink so i don't have to make chach at home.

17 September, 2018

B Natural

Mango Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

B Natural Mango juice is the best mango juice if i compare it with any other juice brand. I love this because it tastes just like mango and is very fresh.

18 September, 2018

New Tree

Baked Mathri - Methi Box 300 grams

I love this methi flavour mathri as it gives taste of methi and being methi lover i really love it. Infact the packaging of this product is so handy.

08 October, 2018

Thums Up

Thums Up Tin 330 millilitre

My drink with every starter is thumsup. I like the can packaging because it is easy to carry and very good for one meal. I can drink the full can and nothing gets wasted.

09 October, 2018


Tomato Ketchup Glass Bottle 200 grams

I love this ketchup as i use it with almost every fried dish like mccain smileys. I used to eat this with bread pakoras in my childhood. I use more of this in monsoon season as thats the time for more fried items.

09 October, 2018

Haldiram's Nagpur

Punjabi Tadka Pack 150 grams

I love the tangy flavour of this punjabi tadka. Its a tea time snack. I eat it while having my evening tea. It is also not that expensive and i find it easily in every departmental store.

19 October, 2018


Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

Safal Frozen Green Peas is always available in my kitchen as i use it in huge number of dishes to enrich taste. I usually use to make mattar paneer with the frozen peas.Product is easy to store and use.

19 October, 2018


Afghani Seekh Kabab Chicken Pack 250 grams

I love to eat this as a starter, i eat it with coke. Its the best evening snack i feel. I make it whenever there is a house party as it saves a lot of time. Also, this package can easily serve 3 people.

23 October, 2018


Digestive Natural Wheat Biscuits Pack 250 grams

If it comes to digestive biscuits, I only go for Tiffany digestive biscuits. The packaging of this product is quite attractive. I eat it mostly during my tea break.

23 October, 2018

Act II

Classic Salted Popcorn Pack 90 grams

Packaging of this product is quite attractive. I make this almost every weekend whenever I watch a movie at home. The quantity provided is sufficient for one person to binge on.

25 October, 2018


Caesar Salad Dressing Bottle 350 grams

I use cremica caesar dressing whenever i make salads at home. I love the tangy taste of it. This bottle has good quantity and also remains fresh for good no. of days.

25 October, 2018

Haldiram's Nagpur

Murukku Pack 200 grams

The crunchiness of this murukku is best. I keep it always with me as it is best for munching. I eat this with all hot and cold drinks. I even keep this as one of the snack in all house parties. :)

25 October, 2018


Mango Plastic Bottle 1.2 litre

I love the sweetness of maaza as it just tastes like mango. I drink it with spicy starters mostly. Since its not a fizzy drink, i prefer it over other aerated drinks.

27 October, 2018


Cheddar Cheese Potato Crisps (Artificially Flavoured) Container 169 grams

I can rate pringle chips over any other brand chips. I love the crispy flavour of these chips. It is quite expensive if compared to other brand of chips but it is worth paying for.

27 October, 2018

Paper Boat

Aamras Bottle 250 millilitre

I like to drink this aamras juice as it tastes just like mango and can actually replace mango. Being a mango lover, in winters this aamras juice works as saviour for me.

27 October, 2018


Chilled Latte Tetra Pack 180 millilitre

I pick up this latte coffee whenever I travel as its easier to carry and tastes just like fresh coffee. I also drink this whenever i have long office meetings.

29 October, 2018


Butter Unsalted Box 100 grams

Since childhood i knew about just one amul butter which we also call as yellow butter. But now amul has launched this unsalted butter which is not at all tasty. It is so plain that can't be eaten, it's not worth the money.

29 October, 2018

Haldiram's Nagpur

Aloo Bhujia Pack 175 grams

I love the taste of this aloo bhujia and i eat this with tea and aerated drinks. I love this spicy namkeen. I also eat this with paratha's and pickle.

31 October, 2018


Cheese Cubes Classic Box 200 grams

My love for cheese increased more when i had tasted this britannia cheese cubes last year. As a cheese lover i love to eat a lot of cheese and britannia brand is the best among all cheese brands.

31 October, 2018


Classic Salted Potato Chips Pack 52 grams

I don't like these chips as they are plain salted and doesn't have any flavour in the same, also there is a lot of air in the packet and very less quantity of chips.

01 November, 2018

Paper Boat

Aamras Tetra Pack 500 millilitre

I am a mango lover. In summer I eat 3-4 mangoes daily on an average. That much I love mangoes. So I tried many mango drinks. Among all, I liked this one. It tastes very good, its almost like tasting a real mango.

11 November, 2018


Aloo Bhujia Pack 1 kilogram

I love Kurkure very much and whenever I watch any movie I always eat kukure with some soft drinks but this time Kurkure Aloo Bhujia did not impress me at all because it is very plain.

11 November, 2018

Paper Boat

Aam Papad Family Pack 100 grams

I love to eat this Aam Papad after my meals as it helps in digestion. I usually purchase this in family pack as it has good quantity and my full family loves it.

21 January, 2019


American Style Cream & Onion Flavour Pack 52 grams

I love these chips for munching with drinks. The creamy and less spicy flavour of these chips makes it different from the other flavours. This is best for children even..

06 February, 2019


Cut Mango Pickle (Without Garlic) Glass Bottle 300 grams

Best pickle i must say, i love the tangy flavour of the same and it can be eaten with mathi, paratha and puri. If i don’t cook any vegetable then this is best to have with chapati’s :)

06 February, 2019

Rishi Tea

Organic Loose Leaf Masala Chai Box 85 grams

I picked up this masala chai by looking at the attractive packaging but it is way far from what it looks like from the packaging.. The taste is pathetic, it is no comparison to anyother brand..

07 February, 2019

Grandma Agro

4 Piece Cashew Nut Pack 250 grams

Among all dryfruits, cashew nut is my favourite. I eat this with drinks and also add this while making desserts at home. It is better than the whole cashew as i don’t have to cut it in pieces

07 February, 2019

Sangi's Kitchen

Mustard Mayonnaise Glass Jar 210 grams

I am not a fan of Mustard Mayonnaise. But when I add this while making salad at home. It makes it tasty. Packaging of this product is quite handy.

07 February, 2019


Orange Pack 500 grams

This is my summer drink. I prefer this over any other fizzy drinks. The best part is it does not have fizz. It is also not costly. I like the packaging of this product.

07 February, 2019

Women's Horlicks

Caramel Flavour Plastic Jar 400 grams

I love the caramel flavour of horlicks. I drink it with milk every day. Packaging of this product is also attractive and contains good quantity.

08 February, 2019

Mogu Mogu

Orange Juice With Nata De Coco Plastic Bottle 300 millilitre

I drink mogu mogu orange juice in summers. It has various flavours but i only love orange flavour of this. It doesn't have attractive packaging but taste wise its the best.

09 February, 2019


5 Star Home Treats More Caramel Chocolate Pack 200 grams

I find this packet of chocolate very helpful as it has bite portion chocolates in it, which is very helpful for kids. As it has bite portions so we don't have to purchase full chocolate and eat the same in one go.

14 February, 2019

Organic India

Tulsi Green Tea Pomegranate Box 25 pcs

I am not a green tea lover as i find it very bitter. But when i tried organic tulsi green tea pomegranate flavour i did not find it bitter, in fact now i drink it almost every day.

16 February, 2019


Prabhuji Chat Patta Pack 150 grams

I eat this haldiram's namkeen with bread and butter. I even eat it with drinks. It is better than any other haldiram's namkeen as it has adequate amount of spices.

16 February, 2019


Mixed Fruit Jam Glass Jar 200 grams

The only jam brand which i am consuming since childhood. It was my breakfast for every alternate during school time. Till date no other brand could replace it. Also, mixed fruit is the only flavour which i eat and i only like it with white bread not chapati or brown bread.

05 October, 2019

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio Recipe

Looks perfect. I will surely try this.

31 May, 2019

No Oven Chilli fish Bun

Brishti, i tried this recipe today and it turned out to be really tasty. Thanks for sharing. Keep on sharing such recipes, so that we can learn too :P

13 July, 2019

Noodles Paneer Spindles

Was bored of eating and serving chilli paneer to guests whenever they arrived. Definitely gonna try this unique recipe soon. :)

13 July, 2019


Looks interesting!!

13 July, 2019

Coffee Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Recipe

Amazing recipe. I am surely going to try this.

18 July, 2019

Cauliflower chocolate cake Recipe

Looks yummy !

31 July, 2019

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Looks tempting!!

31 July, 2019

Badami(almond)Paneer Kebab Recipe

Looks a different recipe, would love to try this.

03 August, 2019

Pavbhaji Popcorn

Can we add more vegetables to it?

03 August, 2019

Chole Rings Recipe

How can we make ring very accurate in shape, any strategy?

03 August, 2019

#Dal_Recipe *Moong dal ke crispy pakode Recipe

Looks tempting and best for this season :)

07 August, 2019

Kaju Khajur Bhakarwadi Recipe

Can we use Walnut instead of cashew nuts?

19 August, 2019


Something different, never heard of. Will try this but can we eat this with chapati?

02 September, 2019

Rajgira oats garlicky crackers Recipe

What is rajgira flour?

11 September, 2019

Ragi Brownie Recipe

Taste is same like other brownies we eat?

23 September, 2019

Left over mini idli gets a new Avatar Recipe

Being an onion lover, can we add onion while frying like we do it with idli fry?

27 September, 2019

Vermicelli Fritters

I use roasted vermicelli, will that work?

04 October, 2019

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