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Insiya Kagalwala


I am Insiya.My inclination towards cooking started quiet young but never imagined it would get me more & more passionate about it.Blessed with a Life Partner who's always encouraging and motivating even with my failures.(all the weired experiments I come up with ?)He's the one who's opened my eyes to the Culinary world.

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19 March, 2019



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24 Mantra Organic

Flax Seeds Pack 200 grams

One of the products that i very regularly buy is the Flax seeds from 24 Mantra. Its very clean ,hygenic and comes with really big seeds(haven't seen in any other brand) They have a nice nutty flavour and are unsalted too. Compared to other organic products, i found this reasonably priced.

21 August, 2019


Oats Plus Pack 600 grams

With added benefits of Barley and ragi, this Quaker Plus is an healthier option for breakfast. Use it to make upma,Khicdi or just porridge, it taste pretty decent and easiest way to to get a meal full of nutrients. Will keep you full for long time. As mentioned they use 100%wholegrain which is pretty visible when you open the pack. The price quoted is pretty decent. Really like the packaging.

05 September, 2019


Select Superior Sharbati Atta Pack 1 kilogram

Personally I rely on readymade Aata for my daily chapaties. I have tried all the brands available out there but I always come back to this particular brand from Aashirvaad which is Aashirvaad Select. I have no idea about the types of wheat grain available but all I know is everytime I make rotis using this particular Aata they turn super soft,fluffy and amazing. In fact I get request from my kids school -Aunty send 3 rotis extra ?. Not that I'm using extra oil or ghee here,just simple regular way of making the dough with little oil and some water and then kneading it for 2 mins. I would highly recommend this brand and this Aata to all the busy moms who do not get time to buy and milk the wheat.

26 September, 2019


Bourbon New & Chocolatier Pack 120 grams

Bourbon has always been a favorite biscuit and I only prefer Britannias Bourbon. I have been eating these biscuits over 30 yrs now and even today the taste remains the same.. I remember these might be the first biscuits with the sugar sprinklers in top and that's like the icing on the cake. Not very sweet , just the right amount of chocolate filling and extremely crispy. Cost wise I would say it's good deal for INR 10 bucks you get 6 cookies.Initially it was 8 if I remember correctly but we had to share the pack among 3 of us so not sure... Simply love them.?

20 November, 2019


Turmeric Powder Glass Jar 150 grams

I generally use organic products in my day to day cooking and when I came across Organikrishi's Turmeric powder I was amazed to see how pure the product actually is...No artificial color used all natural turmeric powder. When I added the powder to my curry I didn't see rhe typical yellow color. Love the strong flavor and smell. Now our morning kaadas have only this turmeric powder. I remember my mom used to dry the fresh haldi and then make Haldi powder...this powder reminded me of that purity. I will highly recommend this product.

01 July, 2020

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