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Jagdeep Kochar


Love to cook for my family occasionally...

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06 December, 2018


New Delhi

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Mother's Recipe

Punjabi Mango Pickle Glass Jar 400 grams

It tastes just like home made. Excellent flavours and seedless mango with right amount of oil, sauf and other spices. Does not taste spicy, just the right. It to feel the aachari mango flavour.

08 January, 2019


Meat Supreme Grinder Bottle 45 grams

Really like this, I use this along with almost all my non veg marinations. The spice blend is perfect and the grinder helps in getting the right amount and right mince.

07 February, 2019


Black Pepper Sauce Glass Bottle 227 grams

Strong pepper flavour; can be used as a cook sauce; also can be used to marinate tofu & chicken. The color it imparts to the veggies/ chicken is excellent.

07 February, 2019

Vegetarian paneer based snack.

A healthy blend of pomengrenate and mango wholeness in a single glass.

Vegetarian paneer based snack.

South Indian style payasam recipe.