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Butter Pasteurised Box 500 grams

An always available product in my refrigerator. Be it spreading it on bread, eating with the parathas, greasing the chapati, it enhances the taste of all (hence, this large pack). Rusk with a thick layer of butter has become a favourite of mine.

06 May, 2019


Nonfat Probiotic Drink Plastic Bottle 65 millilitre

Initially I used to wonder why people liked drinking this, but I guess the more you have it, the more you like it. Because of the lack of necessary nutrition in a busy life, it is one thing I make sure I have in the day. It's a must for those having constant stomach issues. As the package also says, not more than one bottle should be used in a day.

06 May, 2019

Top ramen

Curry Saucy Flat Noodles Pack 70 grams

Over the time, this has become my go-to snack (and sometimes an easy meal). I love how it is savoury and sweet at the same time. There are very small pieces of vegetables that adds to its flavor. And what's more, this yummy thing is pocket friendly.

06 May, 2019

Cadbury Oreo

Strawberry Creme Flavoured Chocolatey Sandwich Biscuits Pack 120 grams

For someone who gets stuck between strawberry and chocolate, this is the best combination that could have come up. They satisfy the taste buds as well as the hunger pang. Only if I could stop before finishing the whole packet.

06 May, 2019

Minute Maid

Pulpy Orange Plastic Bottle 1 litre

Drinking this doesn't feel like taking-in any artificial juice. It's not as thick as an original one but I relish the presence of pulp, unlike other drinks. (Might not work for those who like sieved juice)

06 May, 2019


Milk Booster Chocolate Flavour Plastic Bottle 475 grams

Best replacement for sugar, specially when you don't like to keep stirring the sugar in milk. The variation in its quantity makes milk less or more chocolatey according to the requirement. It enhances the taste of brownie too by adding it on recently heated one.

09 May, 2019


Orange Pack 500 grams

Nothing beats restoring the sugar level through tang. Nice combination of taste and energy, gotten in an instant. Two table spoons of it in one glass suffice for a decent level of sweetness.

09 May, 2019


Cheese Processed Cheese Spread - 5 Slices Pack 100 grams

I like how these slices can be used with various foods be it bread or pasta or chapatis or kathi rolls. They are the easiest food option when you are running out of time. Just put a slice on a toast, and you are done.

06 June, 2019


American Style Cream & Onion Flavour Pack 52 grams

My favorite flavor in the lays series, I love the hint of sweet in the otherwise savory chips. They taste even better when eaten with any cheesy dip. An good travel buddy too (ignoring the crumbs that spoil the clothes and hands).

06 June, 2019


Peanut Butter Regular Creamy Plastic Jar 200 grams

This one didn't work out well for me. Although there are enough amount of peanuts in it, the taste somehow didn't appeal to me. For one, it is too oily and apart from the peanut pieces that are there, there isn't much of a pea-nutty taste.

06 June, 2019


Khatta Meetha Poha - 3 Minute Breakfast Pouch 60 grams

The first time I bought it, it was in a cup where the water level was also marked. The poha came out to be real well in that one. In this pack however, if the water is mixed disproportionately, the whole thing goes waste. But if does work out well, it is indeed a good option for instant food.

06 June, 2019


Cheese for Pizza with Mozzarella Box 200 grams

Be it pizza or pasta, or any other recipe that requires cheese, this one is certainly the best option. Grating it on top of any recipe and then keeping it in the microwave for a minute or two, enhances the texture of the recipe. I even like it eating raw ;)

06 June, 2019


Pasta & Pizza Sauce Plastic Jar 310 grams

Whereas the normal sauces that we use for pizza or pasta work fine, this one gives them the restaurant touch that we so crave. And what's more, you get to use them not only for pizza or pasta, but for your sandwiches too.

06 June, 2019

Act II

Butter Flavour Box 297 grams

Movies are nothing without a bowl of popcorn to accompany. These are easy and quick to make. Even when I want to just chew for the sake of eating, I like this snacking option for it is healthy too. You might not want to burn them up, so don't over heat.

06 June, 2019

Act II

Cheese & Herbs Bakes Twisties Lite & Crunchy Pack 110 grams

Unlike other snacks, these being baked have a taste of their own. Once I pick up a packet, it's hard for me to put it down. The baking feature also makes it healthy and reduces the guilt of consuming so much junk.

06 June, 2019


Dark Chocolate, (Made with Finest Cocoa Beans) Box 150 grams

A real good dark chocolate in a real big pack. I like the taste and the texture. It's a little hard and doesn't melt easily but that is what makes it stand apart.

07 June, 2019


Nimbooz Masala Soda Bottle 500 millilitre

The go-to drink after a hot day. I like the sweet and sour combination. Apt and hygienic option for the craving of soda lemon you have specially during the shopping session.

07 June, 2019


Upma Pack 170 grams

I was never a fan of upma till I had this. Super quick to make and tastes delicious. Moreover, it's a healthy food option and is a fulfilling meal. Didn't leave me feeling hungry after few hours.

07 June, 2019


Kool Cafe Milk 'n' Coffee Tin 200 millilitre

I like the rich flavor of coffee, neither too much, neither too less. The milk is also the right thickness. Enjoyed well only when kool, mild temperature doesn't work out well with this one.

07 June, 2019


Kool Badam Plastic Bottle 200 millilitre

I find it a little less thick than it should be. Neither does the taste of badam comes out well. An okayish option when you want to have flavored milk.

07 June, 2019


Gold Instant Coffee Glass Bottle 25 grams

I like the cute packing and the smell of the coffee. It makes good foam and is strong. The true essence of coffee, this is certainly the best option. Moreover, it serves well as cake dressing or for making biscuits too.

07 June, 2019


Bournvita Pro-Health Vitamins Jar 500 grams

This is my favourite addition to milk. Even after adding a lot of amount to the milk, it doesn't make it overly sweet, but does make it the right amount of chocolatey. I even eat it just like that.

07 June, 2019


JalJeera Pack 100 grams

Just as the pack says, it is indeed cool n refreshing. I like the herbs and spices used in this. I add mint leaves and boondi in it which makes it delightful drink.

07 June, 2019


Spring Lemon Flavour Water (From The Himalayas) Plastic Bottle 200 millilitre

The packaging is the right size, as this is an ideal amount you'd need at a particular time. Moreover, storing it isn't a hassle. But this flavour somehow didn't appeal to me.

07 June, 2019

Parle Hide & Seek

Chocolate Chips Cookies Pack 200 grams

I can't resist binging on these. Be it midnight cravings, or snacks while reading, or just wanting to eat something; they never fail to be the best. The choco chip cookies compliment the chocolate flavor so well.

12 June, 2019

Hershey's Kisses

Kisses Milk Chocolate Pack 150 grams

Milk chocolates are not usually liked by everyone because of their high milk content. However I liked these. I like their packaging also. You can also use them in gift hampers.

12 June, 2019


Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate Pack 60 grams

The softest and yummiest chocolate around. I love how it melts in the mouth. It is a saviour when it comes to lifting up the mood. Would have loved it unending-ly had it been more pocket friendly.

12 June, 2019


Toblerone Swiis Milk Chocolate with Honey & Almond Nougat Box 100 grams

I have no idea how to stop eating these once started. The only thought that puts a stop is 'this costs way too much. Save it for later'. But anyhow, it is very filling that I dont feel hungry after having this.

12 June, 2019


Fruit 'n' Nut Dark Chocolate Box 150 grams

As is the case with most of the chocolates, it is hard to put this one down too. I like how the 'dark chocolate' flavor stays throughout and the nuts are the right amount too. If you are meeting someone, this would be a good option to take along for them.

12 June, 2019


Tropical Orange Chocolate (Made From Finest Cocoa Beans) Box 150 grams

Chocolates and oranges make a good pair. Ever since I couldn't find Cadbury's orange Silk, this has been my go-to option. Although not as soft as Silk, but it does compensate the taste.

12 June, 2019


Dark Fantasy Choco Fills Box 75 grams

Love the texture and how it melts in the mouth. the cream filling is a heaven for chocolate lovers. A filling snack for the evening hunger pangs.

19 June, 2019


2-Minute Noodles Pack 140 grams

Maggi has always been the go to meal, be it during rains, or running short of time, or wanting to eat something yum. Although at a certain point, it too started to feel boring. Then I chanced upon Maggi Recipes on GoToChef, and the love for maggi has rejuvenated now.

26 June, 2019


Garam Masala Box 100 grams

MDH has always been the reliable one when it comes to masalas. I have recently learnt that in certain dry vegetables, adding garam masala towards the end gives a good flavour

02 September, 2019

Mother's Recipe

Lime Pickle Glass Jar 300 grams

Mother's recipes pickles truly stand by their name. Be it this tangy lime pickle, or the mixed one, it has been the perfect companion of meals.

02 September, 2019

Kinder Joy

For Boys Fudges (With Surprise) Pack 1 pcs

Although meant for kids, I also enjoy eating this. Having whole of it one go although makes it a little too sweet. I prefer to finish it in two turns.

02 September, 2019


Jowar & Sweet Potato Flour, Cocoa Heaven Cake Mix Box 200 grams

This mix is a savior. My niece has to be on a gluten free diet. This product is a solution for so many excuses that kids make for not having something healthy. The cake comes out to be delicious and is equally healthy and filling.

03 September, 2019


Orange Marmalade Jam Glass Jar 500 grams

I am not a big fan of marmalade because of its thick texture, neither do oranges work well for me. I won't recommend it to those who want to pair it with bread alone.

03 September, 2019


Corn Flakes Plus Original & Healthier Pack 880 grams

I find these to be a little oily and having them with milk doesn't give a good texture. The packaging too could be a little more appropriate for storage.

03 September, 2019

Urban Flavorz

Italian Seasoning Bottle 25 grams

I was looking for Dominos like seasoning when I tried this. It doesn't enhance the taste as oregano seasonings should. It's a little less salty than it should be.

03 September, 2019

Tata Sampann

Naturally Rich Garam Masala Pack 100 grams

The masala somehow makes the vegetables look fresh and it also tastes good. Its not very flavourful though as a garam masala should be, but works fine.

03 September, 2019


Orange Pack 500 grams

After work out, I used to take glucon-D, but lately I have switched to Tang. It tastes the right kind of sweet, and is an instant source of sugar. It is even a good option for serving to guests

26 September, 2019


Masala Oats Pack 38 grams

Be it breakfast, or an evening meal, this is the healthiest and pocket friendly option. I like how it can be prepared easily. In fact, the water measuring feature on the pouch itself is really helpful.

26 September, 2019


Classic Malt Plastic Jar 200 grams

Since I prefer chocolate flavored milk more, this doesn't work for me very well. It doesn't mix in the milk to give a smooth texture. The taste is not very sweet, so might work for those who like less sweetened flavor.

26 September, 2019

Cadbury Oreo

Original Chocolatey Sandwich Biscuits Pack 15.5 grams

Oreos are my forever favorite. A combination of yummy and filling, they fulfill the sugar need of the body. I like how the cream is sweeter than the cookies themselves, which make the taste interesting.

26 September, 2019

Del Monte

Dried Cranberries Pack 130 grams

Since fruits are always preferred fresh, I was a little hesitant in picking this up. It worked fine. I added it as a garnishing on curd, cakes, and pies and the flavor came out well.

26 September, 2019

Beetroot Pasta Recipe

Never knew two of my favourite things could be combined in one place and that too with a taste worth relishing. Loved how the preparation is simple and the texture is so creamy. In fact, loved the different colour too!

31 May, 2019

Loaded Nachos with Salsa

Everyone loved it at my place too! What a yummy way to spice up movie time and get- togethers. Nachos had always been a plain snack for me. Loved the milk and cheese twist to them. Will surely keep getting back to this recipe.

31 May, 2019

Spaghetti Aglio E Olio Recipe

These are some great tips! For the first time the spaghetti wasn't dry. Garlic and herbs totally enhanced the flavour!

31 May, 2019

Breakfast Muffin Recipe

I have tried making muffins twice and none worked out well. This recipe of yours worked out really well and the muffins were yummy. I liked the banana touch to them!

12 June, 2019

Bread Burger

Totally meant for someone like me who wants instant as well as yummy snacks all of a sudden.

12 June, 2019

Cheese Chilli Toast

I totally loved this! I was actually looking for something fulfilling and easy so I could skip dinner. This recipe is super yummy. Thanks for sharing!

12 June, 2019

Cabbage Samosa Recipe

I used to keep the potatoes aside in the samosas. I tried making one with paneer but cabbages totally rocked it. Glad you shared this idea!

12 June, 2019

Sooji dhokla

I used to make it with the dhokla mix. And of course, never turned out to be like the market ones. I liked the taste of how it came out with this recipe.

12 June, 2019


I used to cut idly before frying. This one however had a unique taste of its own. The pictures of the process really helped. Thanks!

12 June, 2019

Korean Vegetable pancake | Yachaejeon | 야채전 |

Took your advice and had it as a meal. It was a good change. Somehow through your recipe, I could cook it pretty easily.

12 June, 2019

Mug Dhokla in Microwave Recipe

I couldn't resist making these after looking at the pictures. It is such an innovative idea. Had a good time snacking over this with my friends.

12 June, 2019

Jamun Kala Khatta Drink/Jamun juice(java plum/black plum)

I wonder how come I had never come across this refreshing drink. Totally loved it. Thanks for sharing! (Liked your blog too)

12 June, 2019

Kiwi mojito

I have always liked kiwis. Never knew it could be used for such a yum mojito. Your recipe has given another reason to like kiwis.

12 June, 2019

Masala Chai Lassi Recipe

My mother is a chai lover and I surprised her with your recipe. She totally loved it. Gonna rock the summers with this one.

12 June, 2019

Gulkand shake

Couldn't believe something so yummy could be made so easily. Milk has got a new definition now. Thanks for sharing this one!

12 June, 2019

Apple Khichadi | Navratri Fast Recipe

You said it so well! It is actually not easy to eat apple everyday. Loving this khichdi..!

13 June, 2019

No Oven Chilli fish Bun

I referred this recipe to a friend who loves eating fish and she is still thanking me ? So thanks to you for sharing.

13 July, 2019

Noodles Paneer Spindles

Totally loved this! The noodle wrap made it so different and the combination of paneer has become a new favourite of mine now.

13 July, 2019


Never knew chicken and orange could be a combination! And it came out way too well. I now know what I am going to treat the chicken lovers with.

13 July, 2019

Coffee Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Recipe

I couldn't wait to try your recipe as soon as I saw it. This was my first attempt at making ice cream and I am grateful to you, it was such a good experience! Loved the flavour and the texture. (And you click amazing pictures!)

18 July, 2019

Cauliflower chocolate cake Recipe

I was a little unsure about the texture (being used to the normal cakes we have) and did think twice (as you said). I made one in a smaller size. And it id indeed a must have.

31 July, 2019

Chocolate brownie Recipe

Brownie with ice cream has always been my favorite. I chanced upon your recipe and knew I had to try making it at home! And it did turn out so well!

31 July, 2019

Bun Chaat snacks Recipe

What an easy and yummy way to have street food! Totally loved it!

31 July, 2019

Badami(almond)Paneer Kebab Recipe

Almonds and paneer are two of my favorite things. I loved their combination in this recipe! Thanks for sharing.

01 August, 2019

Pavbhaji Popcorn

Totally in love with this! Couldn't have found a better snacking option!

01 August, 2019

Chole Rings Recipe

I was looking for something different than pakoras for the rains and this looks like the best option. I am going to try it super soon.

01 August, 2019

How to make pure ghee at home - homemade - healthy Recipe

The basil leaves tip turned out to be great. It did add a good fragrance to the ghee

06 August, 2019

Mathri Recipe

I have just started cooking and your description made me try this one. It did turn out to be a great monsoon snack!

06 August, 2019

Cashewnuts Laddu / Jeedipappu Undalu / Kaju Ke Laddu Recipe

I love how easy it is to make these!!! I am sure I am going to make them over and over again!!

13 August, 2019

Aloo rajgira halwa Recipe

So I just tried this recipe and I loved the texture! I won't get tired of having this!

14 August, 2019

Gulab Jamun stuffed Rasgulla Recipe

It's difficult to not have cracks while wrapping in paneer. Is there any tip to do that?

19 August, 2019

Spicy gouchjong handcut Noodles with Grilled chicken Recipe

This looks amazing! Can you also share the recipe to make hand cut noodles?

19 August, 2019

Baked Broccoli Oats/breadcrumbs Tots Recipe

I am so in love with broccoli and I had been looking for broccoli recipes from some time. This one has stolen my heart. It's so easy to make, and so yum!

02 September, 2019

Biscuit Cake Recipe

I used to make cookies using this method, but I didn't bake them. It was sort of fire less cooking. I am definitely gonna try baking them next.

11 September, 2019

Rasmalai cake Recipe

My mouth is watering already! Even if I am not able to cook both these, I am definitely going to try the combination!

20 September, 2019

Left over mini idli gets a new Avatar Recipe

This looks interesting! Do the idlis need to be dipped in something before frying them?

26 September, 2019

Kuttu atta tacos...bideshi me desi tardka Recipe

What an innovative way to use kuttu ka atta! My mouth is watering already and I am trying it right away!

03 October, 2019

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