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Lalit Mohan Dhiman


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30 November, 2018


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Cheese Processed Cheese Spread - 5 Slices Pack 100 grams

I add this cheese slice while making sandwich or burgers. This adds an extra taste to both. It doesn't cost that much, when i feel lazy in making breakfast, i just add one slice in bread and eat it.

05 December, 2018


Mixed Pickle Pouch 200 grams

I love only tops brand for mixed pickle as it is not that spicy compared to other brands. I eat it with parathas and rice. At times i add this while cooking some recipe to make that tasty

05 December, 2018

Mother Dairy

Advanced Dahi Probiotic Tub 400 grams

Mother dairy dahi is delicious in taste. I love to eat this dahi with my lunch and dinner meals. In terms of packaging, product is easy to store and use.

05 December, 2018


Hommade Coconut Milk Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

Dabur hommade coconut milk is thick, creamy and consistent. I like to add this product to smoothies and gravy of dishes to enrich taste and flavour.. Packaging of product is easy to store and price is affordable to buy...

05 December, 2018

Queen's Quinoa

Grain Tin 250 grams

I tried making quinoa salad with this queen's quinoa. I eat it every alternate day in my breakfast. The packaging of this product is really attractive.

22 December, 2018


Chana Masala Box 100 grams

I use chana masala while making chana at home. I like MDH brand over any other brand. It just makes chana tasty and gives a different twist in its taste.

22 December, 2018