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Loveena Salve


I am a preschool owner, who loves to cook, and try new recipes, and is passionate about food, music and books.

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04 April, 2019



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Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

Safal green peas are a saviour, when grean peas are not in season, Its always stocked in my fridge for a quick non fussy matar paneer, matar pulao, or even Pav Bhaji. One can hardly tell the difference between Safal frozen peas and fresh green peas. Highly recommended if you have a kid and if your guest walk in anytime. With Safal you surely have a dish in no time.

04 April, 2019


Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa Jar 350 grams

You all will find Nutella always in my kitchen, my daughter just loves it, she likes to eat it directly from jar. Its basically a hazelnut spread, I use it to make delicious chocolate sandwich or Nutella combined with banana or apple sandwich, my daughter and her gang loves it. Its basically a nutritious, tasty and no fuss product which can be easily used as a evening snack, or a short recess snack. Do try...

29 April, 2019

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Today I am posting recipe combining my two favourite things Pani Puri ...

Mastani, a varient of mango milkshake from Pune, having a historic imp ...

Suran or Yam, not very popular veggie, but at the same time has a nice ...

Today I am posting recipe combining my two favourite things Pani Puri ...

Rajasthani Pitod Ki Sabzi is basically chickpea flour dumplings in a c ...