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Meera Girdhar


I am Meera Girdhar, loving being mother, wife, professional and passionate to pursue my interests. Since my childhood, I was experimenting a lot in cooking and found that food was becoming tastier and attracting praise from many quarters. I am working in an entrepreneurship promoting company and doing social media marketing using facebook, linkedin, quora etc. Parallely I learned blogging and now I am enjoying sharing my recipes.

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Milkmaid Tin 400 grams

I love this product for its versatile use. I always prefer to use ingredients which are handy and easily available. Nestle Milkmaid is very easily available in market. I use it in kheer, Phirni, cakes, milkshakes ,Ice creams. And best is my family enjoys it like that only. as I open the tin every one wants a spoon for "Kuch mitha ho jaaye". As I am a working women but during festive and puja time I always prefer to prepare home made prashad. Milkmaid is a best mate for me . I am sharing two of my very easy and simple recipe using Milkmaid Coconut Delight Paneer ki mithai :

08 September, 2019


Black Salt Sprinklers Container 200 grams

I am using catch Black salt sprinkler from last 4 to 5 years. Its always available on my dining Table. Weather it is breakfast time, lunch, dinner or any gathering at my place Catch black salt is always a part. I use it in Salads, raita, chat, fruits and drinks. It enhance the taste of my food :)

09 September, 2019


Lounge Citrus Blue Plastic Bottle 750 millilitre

Basically its a lemonade by taste. But what I like about this drink is its blue colour. Though I don't prefer to use synthetic colours. what some time if we have a gathering at home and want to impress our guest with our creativity .Mapro Citrus blue is perfect. It gives a very sexy look to our cocktails and shakes. I am sharing a link for one of my recipe using this product .

14 September, 2019


Roasted Vermicelli Pack 900 grams

Vermicelli is very versatile. We can prepare this is n number of ways. half of the time my breakfast is made of this only. even I love it in dessert too and its quite easy, simple and tasty. Roasted version was already lesser the cooking time. I tried to change the brand but me and my family always like Bambino.

14 September, 2019

Del Monte

Fiesta Fruit Cocktail Tin 439 grams

Del Monte Fruit cocktail is a must in my kitchen. As I am a working women. Some time we have an unexpected guest at home. This is a best mate for me to serve in desserts. even a simple vanilla ice cream served with this looks like a restaurant style Sunday . It goes too well with yogurt in breakfast.

14 September, 2019

Date Crown

Fard Pack 500 grams

This is a healthy snacking option. As I have a growing kid at home. This is best for any time munching.. even for guest as now a days people don't like to have sweets. This is a rich . Classy and healthy option . It so versatile that I use it in fruit salads. Shakes . And home made sweets

21 November, 2019


Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

For my I prefer to serve home made food to my family. But some time we are in office or going outdoor for work . That time it is not easy to carry home made specially the liquid food. As we know that we all are living in a era were every one like to have cold drinks which according to a studies and research is not good for our health. To avoid the consumption of cold drinks I prefer to add Amul buttermilk. Its tasty easy to carry and go with all kind of cuisine. Best in summers. Even will making curd rice I add Amul buttermilk it enhance the taste of my curd rice.

21 November, 2019

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