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Classic Salted Popcorn Pack 90 grams

A very hands on product for just the perfect movie watching at home or anytime you need a quick snack. This flavour is my most favourite. I always look out for the 33% extra packs :)

13 April, 2018

Queen's Quinoa

Grain Tin 250 grams

Have been using Queen's quinoa since 3 years and have no complaints. The product is great and l love the packaging.

13 April, 2018

Date Crown

Fard Pack 500 grams

I got this product in a gift hamper and was very impressed with the quality of dates. My entire winters in Delhi I finished this packet and purchased 2 more to last me through the winters. Thoroughly enjoyed these dates. Will surely pick them up again next winters.

18 April, 2018


Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce Bottle 500 grams

My household doesn't function without this product. especially breakfast. The taste cannot be matched with any other sauce. we use it with snacks, breakfast, sandwiches etc.

18 April, 2018


Tomato Ketchup Plastic Bottle 450 grams

Heinz Ketchup is the best ketchup taste. I prefer this over any other brand as other brands seem to be a bit more sweet. This one is a perfect amalgamation of tangy tomatoes with the right amount of sweetness.

19 April, 2018


Sweet Chilli Sauce Plastic Bottle 400 grams

This is a nice blend of sweetness and chilli combined together. Though I feel its a bit more sweet than its competitor brands in the market. However, at times the extra sweetness really works well with a few dishes.

07 May, 2018


Sweet Chilli Sauce Glass Bottle 390 grams

This is the best in the Sweet Chilli segment. I love it because its not too sweet and hence can be used as a salad dressing, and accompaniment with fried food and to add a zing to any recipe. The taste is just perfect!

07 May, 2018

Ching's Secret

Manchow Soup Sachet 55 grams

I love to add a lot to the instant soups which I use in my kitchen. To this one I add a lot of veggies, and egg. Since, I add a lot of veggies I also need to add a bit more chili garlic sauce and vinegar. This truly was a find this winters as my family loved it.

07 May, 2018

Ching's Secret

Manchow Soup Sachet 55 grams

I love to add a lot to the instant soups which I use in my kitchen. To this one I add a lot of veggies, and egg. Since, I add a lot of veggies I also need to add a bit more chili garlic sauce and vinegar. This truly was a find this winters as my family loved it.

07 May, 2018

Ching's Secret

Manchow Soup Sachet 55 grams

I love to add a lot to the instant soups which I use in my kitchen. To this one I add a lot of veggies, and egg. Since, I add a lot of veggies I also need to add a bit more chili garlic sauce and vinegar. This truly was a find this winters as my family loved it.

07 May, 2018


Cocoa, Natural Unsweetened Plastic Jar 225 grams

This is the best Cocoa I have had in a while. Makes my dessert just the way I would like them to be. Like other cocoa powders in the market, this one doesn't have a strong taste of its own and give a 100% cocoa taste with that little dash of bitter. I use it to make a perfect Tiramisu plus many other desserts. My family loves it!

07 May, 2018


Bournvita Pro Health Vitamins Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

I like this product because of the nostalgia more than anything else. I have grown up drinking Milk and Bournvita twice a day. Even now in winters my preferred hot drink especially in the mornings or just before sleeping is a hot cup of milk with Bournvita.

14 May, 2018


Sliced Red Paprika Glass Jar 180 grams

I like this product a lot. I use it to top up my pasta recipes and ofcourse in Aglio e oglio. This surely gives that tangy, sour and spicy taste to the recipes. Although the only problem has been that I never found a small jar of this in the stores near my house and hence have picked up the big sized jar and have ultimately wasted a lot due to the product getting expired. I discovered the small Jar here on GotoChef and will now definitely order the small one.

14 May, 2018


Lassi Tetra Pack 250 millilitre

I bought the this thinking it will be plain salted Lassi, but it turned out to be sweet with a lot of Rose water in it. The packaging definitely should say that it is sweetened lassi. I prefer mother dairy Lassis' any day to this one. In fact Mother dairy has sweet flavoured lassi's which taste great.

02 June, 2018

Queen's Quinoa

Pasta Quinoa Pack 250 grams

I tried this quinoa Pasta the other day, as I got attracted by the packaging. I have introduced quinoa in my family diet and hence got inquisitive to try this pasta. I must say it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The packaging is neat and very simple and the best part is the metal strip on top which makes it so easy to re-pack the left over pasta. Else I generally am scouting around to find a clip or a rubber band. The texture after boiling was also perfect. This ones surely going to be part of our regular meals since its also healthy.

13 September, 2018


Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

I recently discovered this product, and was amazed with the taste. It tastes really good and the level of salt and spice is just perfect. I stock my fridge with the small tetra packs of Amul Buttermilk and carry 1 or 2 everyday to work. Most of the times I end up consuming it on the way, even before reaching office. This surely helps me get rid of my hunger pangs, and is quite a healthy drink to have in between meals especially between breakfast and Lunch or even sometime in the evening around 6 pm. The only issue I have is that the product is not available of a recent manufacturing date. Almost all stores have the tetra packs of old manufacturing dates at least 2-3 months old. Though the shelf life of this product is 6 months, but because I buy in bulk, I prefer picking a fresh stock which I very rarely find in the stores.

01 November, 2018

Nourish Organics

Omega Seed Mix Plastic Jar 150 grams

I started buying Flax seeds and sunflower seeds while reading about super foods and then I found these in my nearby grocery store. This is a perfect mix of many seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, peanuts, flax and sesame. Just a handful is good enough to use for salads and in overnight oats. It also helps de-clutter my kitchen space as I don't have to keep individual jars of each seed like I used to earlier.

05 June, 2019

Nourish Organics

Nutty Apple Flax Crunch Jar 90 grams

I have been using thes mix as a snack while at work. It's a good product to eat a handful while you have a sweet craving at work and don't want to eat anything unhealthy. Now I have started adding it to my (overnight)oats breakfast by topping the oats just before I eat them in the morning. I have used it as topping on ice creams and desserts as well. it adds that nice crunch to these dishes.

28 June, 2019


Soft & Nutritious Paneer Classic Block Pack 200 grams

I have been recommended this brand of Paneer by so many of my family and friends, but unfortunately I haven't been able to get this brand in stores near my house in Gurgaon. If the brand is seeing this, please make it available in departmental stores in gurgaon near Sohna Road so that I can try this paneer. I generally end up using Mother Dairy or sometimes Ananda.

03 October, 2019


Brown Rice Chips Barbecue Pack 60 grams

I chanced upon this packet of Chips the other day and trust me I only got attracted to it purely because of the packaging. As it said in bold letters brown rice chips and on the front of the pack it claimed - Gluten free, half fat, Popped, not fried, from whole grains, no preservatives, no glutamate and no GMO. On opening the pack, the first chip tasted extremely salty. The texture is really nice as they are very thin wafers/chips. As I kept eating more it started to become way too salty and its after taste was a bit weird and tasted very synthetic. It has a pretty weird after taste. For me, this was the first and possibly the last time I purchased this pack. Totally not worth the price of Rs.160. The taste is nothing close to being a barbeque flavour. Won't recommend to anyone.

07 February, 2020


Jowar & Sweet Potato Flour, Vanilla Pound Cake Mix Box 185 grams

This is one of the most hit cake mixes in my house. Kids just love it and I love it because its super healthy. I always use to worry baking cakes for my nieces whenever they came for a visit. But now with this healthy mix the worries have faded away and the best part is the kids just love this cake. A must must try.

02 April, 2020

Wingreens Farms

Barbeque Mayo Tube 130 grams

I was reluctant to try the new range of wingreens dips, spreads etc. in the tube form. As I have been using the dips since a long time and because of the best of use dates are of very short span I end up throwing the dips as they are not fully used at times. But this product I bought and it has made my sandwiches, burgers, finger food lip smacking. The flavour is not too strong and just perfect for my pallate. Also, I love the packaging as it takes minimal space in my fridge, its easy to store and has a fairly good period of usage time. I am now going to try the other flavours and variants they have in the tube form. Surely recommend this to people who like a subtle barbeque tinge in there food and nothing too strong.

11 April, 2020


Cocoa Powder Tin 125 grams

I had been experimenting with a lot of cocoa powders in search of the perfect one, but wasn't really satisfied with any until I started using this one. I was a little sceptical initially to purchase Hintz as it is quite expensive. But because I wasn't happy with the cocoa powders that I had used I was always on the look out for a good brand of cocoa powder and my search finally ended with this one. Hintz cocoa powder is just perfect, be it the texture, colour. I don't like the sweeter versions of cocoa powder that are in the market as they all have a very strong taste of their own which gives a very strong flavour to my desserts. I would use Hintz anyday as its taste compliments the desserts and cakes that I make and doesn't over power the recipe in anyway. It also has a good shelf life of 2 years.

12 May, 2020


Rosemary Bottle 17 grams

I really like herbs from Keya. Firstly their packaging is very nice and convenient. The product quality is great too. I have tried rosemary of other brands, but Keya's rosemary has thin and fairly long strands of rosemary. The strands are uniformly cut and not like other brands where the starnds are tiny or flat. The quality of keya herbs is great and that's why they are always my top choice to buy herbs from.

12 May, 2020


I made this recipe and turned out very well. I refrained from putting ice as the watermelon was chilled and it tasted so good ?

04 June, 2019

Spiced Belgian Chocolate Gelato in Spaghetti Cups (ICE CREAM) Recipe

This looks Delicious!! Very Innovative. I see the recipe is quite lengthy but will surely make it once to see how this comes out. I definitely want to know how this will taste.

05 June, 2019

Noodles Paneer Spindles

A very innovative dish! I would love to try this. I want to know how to deep fry the paneer and noodles with the skewer in the wok? the skewer will get submerged in oil as well.

12 July, 2019

Coffee Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Recipe

The Picture of the recipe looks stunning!! You have mentioned cook time in the pressure cooker to be 20 minutes, but in your method you have mentioned the pan. I feel the pan method will take longer. is it? could you also help with the method to cook in the pressure cooker? I really Wana try this. Thanks.

18 July, 2019

No Oven Chilli fish Bun Recipes

This recipe looks lovely! Which Fish will be the best to use for this recipe?

18 July, 2019

Frozen Vanilla Custard Filled Oats Cookie Sandwich Recipe

This is quite an interesting recipe. My kids simply loved it. Can't believe it was so easy to make.

21 August, 2020

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