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Neev Rajput


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13 November, 2018


New Delhi

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Bandhani Hing Box 150 grams

My family use many of the "Patanjali" products and we believe Patanjali products are better than any other products. My mother use the Patanjali Bandhani Hing in making mango pickle. Aroma and flavor of hing is awesome. Patanjali Bandhani Hing make pickle so yummy, and product packaging is also good.

13 November, 2018


Shudh Chakki Atta Pack 5 kilogram

My mother is using Aashirvaad atta from last few years. Before use Aashirvaad atta we were using Shakti Bhog atta but after using this we found Aashirvaad as very good and healthy product. Rotis made from this Atta are really very soft. I love to eat Ashirvaad Atta's Roti.

14 November, 2018


Kool Elaichi Plastic Bottle 200 millilitre

Amul one of the well known brand. I prefer Amul milk for me and my family. I like the flavor of cardamom of Amul Kool Elaichi. It's good for health, i drink it three - four time in a week. It's packaging is attractive.

14 November, 2018


Rusk Real Elaichi Pack 300 grams

Parle Rusk is one of the popular product from Parle company. I love parle rusk elaichi flavour. Actually I love to have rusks with my tea and coffee. I love the crunchiness of the parle rusk. My full family use always this product . Best taste, best products.

16 November, 2018


Fruit Power Mixed Fruit Tetra Pack 1 litre

I am sharing my personal experience about "Real" product. its really real according it's name. I prefer real juices for my family. It's taste so good and pure. Product packaging is also good along with affordable price.

16 November, 2018


Spanish Tomato Tango Potato Chips Pack 52 grams

I like Lay's Spanish Tomato Tango. It most with the tomato flavor which is i really like. I love to eat lays tomato tango at the time of travel. Only one thing disappoint me about product is product quantity.

17 November, 2018


2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

I love Maggi. It's instant food prepare in few minutes and everyone can prepare this easily. I have it one time in a day, i really like this taste. It's available in different packaging in the market with affordable price.

19 November, 2018


Pink Salt Grinder Bottle 100 grams

Guys I am sharing my personal experience about "Only" Pink Salt Grinder. It's a genuine product and taste is also good. When i saw this product first time i was attracted by its packaging and i couldn't stop myself from purchasing this. After using this i realized that its taste is also good like its packaging.

19 November, 2018


Milano Centre Filled Dark Cookies With Choco Fillings Box 75 grams

Parle Milano is one of my most favorite biscuits. Its taste is very delicious. I love to eat this biscuit anytime it is very crunchy along with awesome chocolate filling.

20 November, 2018


Gold Homogenised Standardised Milk Tetra Pack 1 litre

Amul is the most known brand, if i trust any packaging Milk then it is only Amul Milk. I use per day one liter, half liter in the morning and half in the evening after gym. Its taste is so good and useful for health.

21 November, 2018


Amla Juice Bottle 1000 millilitre

I really like the benefits of Amla Juice. I use Amla Juice early in the morning on daily basis with water. Its pure gooseberry juice and after using it for a month my hair fall stop.

23 November, 2018


Gulab Jamun Mix Box 500 grams

Gits Gulab Jamun mix is very good. Being a Dessert lover we always want to make gulab jamun at home. So i purchase Gits Gulab Jamun Mix from store so that we can make good dessert quickly. My mother use raw milk for making dough. The Gulab Jamun comes out so yummy and soft. It is very delicious and we can made upto 70-80 medium size gulab jamuns.

25 November, 2018

Tasty Treat

Twist Spicy Pineapple Bottle 300 millilitre

Mostly i prefer beverages more than fast food. I really like Tasty Treat Twist Spicy Pineapple. its taste spicy, sweet and sour which i really like. Whenever i travel with my friends i need some beverages that time i choose Tasty Treat Twist Spicy Pineapple.

28 November, 2018


All-Bran Wheat Flakes Box 425 grams

I absolutely love Kellogg's All-Bran Wheat Flakes. it's my favorite breakfast. One thing that i like about the product is just cut the packet and pour the Kellogg's in bowl full of milk. I need the fibre and this is very easy source to procure it.

29 November, 2018


Syrup Sugar Free Strawberry Plastic Bottle 481 grams

I like Strawberry flavor, and I love Hershey's Strawberry Syrup which i add on my vanilla ice cream. It taste so yummy. Some time i use with milk also. It's packaging is so good and is easily available in the market.

29 November, 2018

Karachi Bakery

Fruit Biscuits Box 250 grams

Guys i am sharing my personal experience about Karachi's Fruit Biscuits. I have tasted these biscuits once and after that I really cant stop to get them back to eat. Karachi fruit biscuits are perfectly sweet and contains fruits tasted tooty fruity and I love them very much.I always add them in my house party menu and everyone like that.

30 November, 2018

Del Monte

Pineapple Slices Tin 439 grams

Del Monte Pineapple Slices are very delicious, and it can go with a variety of foods. My mother loves putting them with pineapple upside-down cakes. Its Very cheap, and good quality. The flavor is perfectly sweet, and very satisfying.

01 December, 2018

Betty Crocker

Triple Choco Brownie Mix Box 425 grams

Betty Crocker Triple Choco Brownie Mix is really good. My family and I have always enjoyed Betty Crocker Triple Choco Brownie Mix. I want describe my views about the product in one sentence "Super yummy, easy to prepare".

01 December, 2018


Instant Energy Tangy Orange Flavour Box 1 kilogram

I like this flavor "Tangy Orange". it's taste really good. I love drinking Glucon-D during my workout sessions. it works as a wonderful instant energy drink.

05 December, 2018


Fruit Power Guava Tetra Pack 1 litre

Real brand is known to its freshness, purity, taste and flavor. I like "Real" juices but guava flavor is my favorite. I like the taste of Real's Guava Juice, its very tasty and fresh juice.

05 December, 2018


Classic Coffee Box 200 grams

I don't drink tea, i prefer only coffee, sorry "Nescafe Coffee". Yes i like Nescafe coffee because its better then other brands like Bru... Its taste is good. Everyday i drink one black coffee before my workout, it boost my energy.

05 December, 2018

Tata Sampann

Naturally Rich Garam Masala Box 45 grams

I am writing about Tata Sampann Naturally Rich Garam Masala as per my mom's words. My family use this Garam Masala, and we are satisfy the taste, purity and fragrance of this Garam Masala. Its really good and make our foods delicious.

07 December, 2018

Mother Dairy

Processed Cheese Spread, Creamy Plain Tub 200 grams

I usually use Amul Cheese Spread and i am happy with that, but for a change I though i should try a new brand. I picked Mother Dairy Cheese Spread. But i am not satisfied with this product. Its too thick for a cheese spread. Taste is not so good.

09 December, 2018


Cheese Processed Box 1 kilogram

Amul amul paise wasool. Amul cheese is a old household product. We really like Amul Cheese we have always Amul cheese in our fridge for making tasty sandwiches and burger. Its taste so good and making foods so yummy.

11 December, 2018

Dr. Oetker Fun foods

Peanut Butter Crunchy Plastic Jar 340 grams

I started eating peanut butter as per my gym trainer's instruction. Once when i started to eat this i became a big fan of the product. Its so crunchy and yummy. And is a source of protein. I consume 1-2 peanut butter sandwich in a day.

11 December, 2018


Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

My mother always keeps Safal Frozen Green Peas in our fridge. Its easily available in every store and what i like the most is that the product can we consume until a long period of time as it is frozen. My mom uses this for many dishes like Matar Paneer, Maggie, pulao etc.

12 December, 2018


American Style Cream & Onion Flavour Pack 52 grams

I love with Lay's American Style Cream & Onion Flavour not only me my family also like this. I really like it's sweet and salty taste. its really yummy. One thing i don't like about product quantity is too less.

12 December, 2018


Tomato Ketchup Glass Bottle 200 grams

Tops Tomato Ketchup is my favorite sauce brand. It is one of the best ketchup. I love its sweet and spicy taste. And also like its consistency which is neither too thick nor too runny. I love to eat this with samosa, burger, tikki, pizza etc.

14 December, 2018

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Plastic Bottle 1.75 litre

If i want to drink any cold drink i prefer only coca cola. It is one of the best beverage. Its taste is so premium which makes it unique from other like Mountain Dew etc. I usually drink this with snack like burger, pizza, samosa etc. We uses this in home parties. Its available in market with affordable price.

14 December, 2018


Nimbooz Masala Soda Bottle 500 millilitre

I love this Nimbooz Masala Soda. I really like its sour and spice flavor. I usually drink this in summer. After drinking Nimbooz Masala Soda i feel its good for stomach.

14 December, 2018


Good Day Cashew Cookies Pack 250 grams

I always like Britannia Good Day Cashew Cookies. Many options available in the market and some times i choose other cookies also but Britannia Good Day Cashew Cookies tastes very good that's why i stop myself on this. At office I prefer keeping something good to eat in my bag at all times. And this biscuit always has a place in my bag.

15 December, 2018

Date Crown

Fard Pack 500 grams

We are using this product. Me and my family really love this product. My mother prepare laddus from dates. Its very tasty and yummy. I like to eat this every day.

22 December, 2018


Chilli Chatka Pack 94 grams

Kurkure Chilli Chatka taste is so good. We prefer it with cold drink. We add this in our house parties as a snacks. And i noticed everyone liked this.

22 December, 2018


Blueberry & Acai Flavored Center Chocolate Pack 33.3 grams

Hi guys i am sharing my personal experience about this product when i saw the packing of this product it was really looking good. But when i tasted the product, seriously i was disappointed. Its taste is not good.

22 December, 2018


Rozana Basmati Rice Pack 1 kilogram

Fortune Rozana Basmati Rice is quite good. Pure white and long-grained with a good taste and texture. One thing about the product disappoint to me lacks of Basmati fragrance. But considering the low price, this rice surpasses my expectations.

24 December, 2018

Tata Sampann

Natural Rich Dal Tadka Masala Box 100 grams

Tata Sampann other name of best quality. My whole family fan of Tata Sampann Natural Rich Dal Tadka Masala. It is so pure and make Daal so delicious. Its always makes place in our kitchen.

24 December, 2018


Fruit Power Pomegranate Tetra Pack 1 litre

Pomegranate is really good for health. But its seeds can be harmful for our body as it may cause stones. So i prefer real pomegranate juice. Its so pure and tasty. Me and my family consume it in alternative days.

24 December, 2018

Five Star

Ice Cream Powder Badam Pista Flavour Box 100 grams

Me and my family really like to eat Ice cream in summer after lunch. When we used to purchase ice cream from market it's very costly. So we purchase Five Star Ice Cream Powder instead of ice cream. And we make ice cream in house with the help of Five Star Ice Cream Powder. It's really yummy and tasty. It taste similar to ice cream purchase from market like Amul, Mother dairy.

27 December, 2018


Butter Pasteurised Box 500 grams

Amul Butter is very delicious. It is always available in our fridge. We all are use this in breakfast with bread, sandwich, Aloo paratha etc. My mother use this for preparing dal makhni, pav bhaji etc. Product quality, price taste and packaging all things are so good.

28 December, 2018


Black Salt Sprinklers Container 200 grams

We are using Catch Black Salt Sprinklers. Its amazing salt along with good packaging. We use this in fruit chaat, salad and for fast stuff. It's aroma is so good and make foods more tasty.

29 December, 2018


Cheese Processed Cheese Spread - 5 Slices Pack 100 grams

I like Amul chees. Amul chees burst awesome flavor in mouth. My family use Amul chees for preparing delicious burger, sandwich etc. It can be easily available in the market along with affordable price.

04 January, 2019


Oats Homestyle Masala Pack 400 grams

I prefer very less to eat oats. As per my diet plan i have started to eat oats. I have tried some of flavors like tomato flavor, Homestyle Masala etc. But i prefer to have only Homestyle Masala oats. I love this taste.

04 January, 2019


Mixed Fruit Jam Glass Jar 500 grams

I love kissan mixed fruit jam. Its so yummy. I used to this Jam from long time. I prefer this Jam with bread and chapati also. When i use this on bread i feel i good aroma and i can't stop myself to eat it.

10 January, 2019

Dr. Oetker Fun foods

Eggless Mayonnaise (For Burger) Plastic Jar 275 grams

I really like Funfoods Mayonnaise. It's pretty decent mayonnaise its always remain in our fridge. We can make delicious Burger & Sandwiches with the help of this Funfoods Mayonnaise. Its so yummy and tasty.

17 January, 2019


Masti Buttermilk Spiced Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

I like mostly Amul Products, Amul Masti Buttermilk is one of them. I love this taste, its appropriate mixture of all things Jeera, Salt, Spices. I like to drink it everyday with lunch. Its so yummy.

25 January, 2019