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pranita deshpande


I am an author, writer, blogger, food blogger. Just now I became sfi affiliate marketer.

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Moong Dal Pack 350 grams

Very nice product. Really I like it very much Moong dal is increasing our WBC . This product is very tasty but I am forgetting to bring it.

24 July, 2019


Hazelnut Tetra Pack 180 millilitre

I like this coffee , feeling fresh after drinking it. Removes tiredness easily. Generally , I am drinking it while I feel sleepy. In fasting days it supports me very good. I feel energetic. My whole family like it . Even my Kamvali also like this coffee .She always tells me I like this coffee. Can I make this coffee for you ? Sometimes she makes Coffee for me. This coffee has nice scent. Feel pleasant combinations of sugar must be better otherwise if we will add more sugar it will reduce flavor of coffee. And it gives us bitter taste.

25 July, 2019

Maize flour Pizza Recipe

Best way of making recipes for kids. Definitely kids are enjoying like these recipes with jumping. You have made it very delicious.

14 July, 2019


I like Sattu very much .You have chosen traditional ingredient to make Kachori. I think we have to give more effort for it. Very nice recipe.

14 July, 2019

Green gram idli coated with masala podi

First time I saw this type of idali. Looking delicious.

16 July, 2019

Plum cake Recipe

Very nice recipe with high nutrients.

16 July, 2019

Coffee Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Recipe

Very nice coffee with ice cream. Looking delicious.

18 July, 2019

Chocolate Truffle Pastry Recipe

Nice & easy way to make truffle. Everyone's favorite item you have chosen.

18 July, 2019

Hariyali Almond Kebab with mint garlic dip Recipes

Nice kebabs , I think you have made it ''KHATTI MITHHI.

18 July, 2019

Dry Fruit Cake Recipe

Excellent recipe .But, feeling as like bread.

19 July, 2019

Haryali Moti Biryani with Haryali Raita Recipe

I think that this is total new recipe. Very nice style of making it.

19 July, 2019

Sultana cookies Recipes

Just now I heard this type of recipe . It is well known recipe.

19 July, 2019

Broken wheat ke kababs Recipe

Very well prepared .My mother is giving it steam not frying.

21 July, 2019

Colourful mathris

How excellent & beautiful recipe it is.!

21 July, 2019

Sweet & Spicy Coriander & Green Chilli IceCream Recipe

First time i am looking this type of recipe. It may be tikhi . But, looking so delicious.

21 July, 2019

Chole Rings Recipe

I thought it is chakali , but it is so nice.

25 July, 2019

Rice cutlet Recipe

You have made traditional cutlets , so nice i like it.

26 July, 2019

Banana Dosa Recipe

How beautiful & healthy!

26 July, 2019

Instant vegetable Appam Recipe

Fantastic recipe, always welcome.

26 July, 2019

Delicious Aval pudding Recipe

Great healthy recipe , welcome .

26 July, 2019

Poha Idlys Recipe

An excellent idea for today's period.

26 July, 2019

Oats Idli Recipe

Good idea of weight loss & light weight recipe.

26 July, 2019

Aloo Bonda Tarts Recipe

My favorite recipe .

26 July, 2019

Semolina Donut Recipe

Nice recipe , totally different.

28 July, 2019

Pavbhaji Popcorn

tasty & delicious recipe.

01 August, 2019

Saute veggies Recipe

Really healthy,

01 August, 2019

Dhaniye Ki Burf.

Nice recipe , but we make it dry.

05 August, 2019

Gulabjamun Trifle Recipe

Nice recipe , but, this fusion cuisine means from where ?

11 August, 2019

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