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I'm a developer :O

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H.S.Dry Fish

Dry Prawns (Big) Pack 100 grams

Prawns are important types of seafood that are consumed worldwide. Prawns are often used in commercial wild fisheries. Prawns are great source of high quality protein, and provide some of the most important vitamins and minerals that make up a healthy diet.

06 June, 2019


Blueberries, Value Pack 1 kilogram

Rostaa Blueberries is very tasty and healthy.It can be used for preparing snacks, also a great option for baking.

12 August, 2019

Vermicelli Upma

It looks delicious!!

14 June, 2019



19 June, 2019

Cola Magic


09 October, 2019

Healthy take on fried rice

Quick stir fry for health conscious.

Boiled eggs cooked in spicy onion.

Simple and healthy breakfast recipe.

Delicious and chewy cookie with nuts.

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Beat the scorching heat with refreshing mango drink.

Maggi in a different way.

Easy to make tasty vermicelli.

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Sweet and soft lemon flavour homemade cupcakes.

Favourite and tasty delicious Chaat.

Healthy and delicious snack.

Evergreen fasting recipe.

Quick chatpata and healthy addition to plain papad.

Bread Gulab Jamun recipe is a cheat dessert recipe for kids which come ...

Quick dish which can be whipped up in 10 mins

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10 Minute Microwave Chocolate Fudge Cake is a super fast, easy to make ...

Aam ki laungi is tasty and delicious

Dal or lentil cooked with raw mangoes gives a nice tangy flavour. It i ...

Store mango for whole year by making Aam Papad

Shiny, Glossy, Juicy and Delicious !!

A perfect drink for summer.this is best to prevent from sunstroke.

Aam ka achaar is delicious and tasty

Today I am posting recipe combining my two favourite things Pani Puri ...

Beat the intense heat of summer with a refreshing drink of "Aam".

Chocolate flavored sponge

Easy and yummy chocolate cake base.

Delicious Oreo Muffins

Healthy breakfast for winters.

Mexican bites is a simple, quick and easy to make mexican cuisine reci ...

Delicious homemade main course.

Taste a unique flavor of peanut butter in cookies.

From upscale bars to highway dhabas, Chicken 65 has travelled far and ...

Peas dhokla healthy and tasty

This one is another creation of an Indo Chinese kitchen. A choice of m ...

This is an unique Chinese recipe where chicken is prepared in orange j ...

This Lemon Coriander Soup clear soup with the lovely aroma of coriande ...

In quinoa curd recipe, boiled quinoa are tossed with curd and tempered ...

Rajasthani cuisine is perhaps the most sensitive amongst the Indian cu ...

Something sweet and fragrant to start your day with

Quick, tasty and light breakfast recipe.

Vermicelli Upma is an easy, faster to cook and a delicious breakfast.

Coffee flavoured muffins

My family's heritage recipe is "Dhokar Dalna" .This heirloom recipe ha ...

Here is the best beat the heat drink recipe for you..... In Maharash ...

A healthy recipe of Arrabiata Pasta especially for children.

Beat the intense heat of summer with a refreshing drink of "Aam".

Quick stir fry for health conscious.

Maggi in a different way.

Delicious Oreo Muffins

Easy to make tasty vermicelli.

This Easter serves these Eggless Eggs to your family and friends. A ve ...

An extra crunch to delicious spaghetti cooked in pesto sauce

Quick chatpata and healthy addition to plain papad.

Masala chaas is a healthy drink

Vermicelli Upma is an easy, faster to cook and a delicious breakfast.

Smokey tangy gravy with earthiness of mushrooms.