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Del Monte

Fiesta Fruit Cocktail Tin 439 grams

Del Monte Fiesta fruit cocktail is a great product. It is quite feasible to store, and thus, if its well refrigerated, it lasts for a number of days. Moreover, it doesn't possess any synthetic flavour, and is very much natural in taste. I usually use these in custards, cakes, puddings etc.

09 July, 2019

Jewel Farmer

Blueberry Cranberry Mix Box 200 grams

Blueberry Cranberry mix is quite a recommendable product when it comes to its use. I generally use these to make jams for cheesecake topping. i also use these in chocolate preparations. If stored well it lasts for quite sometime, moreover, the price too is moderate. Its a good deal, I believe.

09 July, 2019

By Nature

Agar Agar Vegetarian Gelatin Pack 100 grams

Agar Agar can be regarded as a great substitute for gelatin. Its pure vegetarian in nature. The Nature Agar Agar is really good when it comes to setting the products, it lays out quite a firm texture. I usually use The Nature Agar Agar in preparing mousse, I add this in whipping cream as well. the best part is that even a vegetarian can consume this. A must buy product.

09 July, 2019

Date Crown

Fard Pack 500 grams

Date Crown Fard is very much natural in taste, and is quite multipurpose in its use. it can be eaten simply. Moreover, I also use the Date Crown Fard for cakes, like in date cake or in plum cakes , wedding cakes etc. And can be preserved for a reasonable span of time, if stored correctly. The other reason why i use this is because it is highly recommendable.It's a smart purchase, I suppose.

09 July, 2019

Tata Sampann

Naturally Rich Garam Masala Box 45 grams

Tata Sampann Naturally Rich Garam Masala is quite a good blend of Indian spices. it adds great flavour and aroma to the food, especially when it comes to non vegetarian preparations.

09 July, 2019


Deggi Mirch, Chilli Powder Box 100 grams

MDH Deggi Mirch is the most recommended spice for the preparation of rogan josh. It is not that spicy in nature, but adds beautiful colour to the food, especially in meaty items. I often use this while preparing chicken tikka or tandoori instead of adding any colour , it gives the tikka or tandoori a natural colour, that too without any adulteration.

09 July, 2019


Chilli Salami Chicken Pack 250 grams

Yummiez chilli salami chicken, can be used in sandwiches, burger, pizza etc. it is best served at breakfast. It is not bland in taste rather it is spicy, and can be consumed plain too.

09 July, 2019


Pork Luncheon Meat Tin 340 grams

Tulip Pork Luncheon Meat, is damn tasty. I often consume this with bread just by spreading it onto the slice. Although, it can be used as fillings for recipes that call for it. The flavour is blended very well and can be kept for atleast a week after opening the can, only if refrigerated at proper storing temperature.

09 July, 2019

John West

Sardines In Olive Oil Tin 120 grams

John West Sardines In Olive Oil Tin is very palatable, the flavour is quite intact. It tastes nothing less than a fresh Sardine. This can also last for two to three day, if stored precisely.

09 July, 2019

24 Mantra Organic

Mixed Fruit Jam Glass Jar 350 grams

Mantra organic mixed fruit jam is a perfect amalgamation of fruits organically farmed. it can be preserved for a long span of time. I seldom prepare jam for Jam Tarts, rather i use the organic mixed fruit jam.

09 July, 2019


Chilli Garlic Dip Glass Jar 190 grams

It has a great taste, it can be used as dip with snacks such as nachos, nuggets, cutlets etc. Moreover, i always use this while preparing chicken lollipop, its acts as the basic ingredient in it.

09 July, 2019


Fresh Cream Tetra Pack 250 millilitre

I always use this while preparing fruit cream. i even use this while cooking chicken butter masala for the creamy texture. It has a decent consistency, with the richness of cream, very smooth in its texture.

09 July, 2019


Kool Cafe Milk 'n' Coffee Tin 200 millilitre

Amul kool cafe is a very refreshing drink, especially in the summers. It tastes really great, with the goodness of coffee. It is very rich and creamy.

09 July, 2019

Organic India

100% Certified Organic Sesame Oil (Til Oil) Bottle 1 litre

Sesame oil is something that augments the flavour in Chinese/Thai cuisine. Therefore, i generally use it whenever i cook Chinese or Thai . Although, i have used many a brands of sesame oil, but personally I believe that Organic India Sesame Oil is really good, it draws out the flavour to the horizon.

09 July, 2019


Cheese Block Box 400 grams

Britannia cheese is very good when it comes to taste, it tastes very much similar to cheddar, and quite reasonable to purchase. I usually eat this with bread, or parantha, and its remarkable in taste when used in omelet.

10 July, 2019


Apricot Jam Glass Jar 370 grams

Pursuit Apricot Jam is quite good in taste. The flavour of apricot is very subtle. I generally use this for glazing Danish pastries or Croissant. I even consume it with bread or parantha.

10 July, 2019


2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

I have been eating Maggie since i was a child and i have realised that the taste is still the same. The best part is that it is quick to cook and it sits perfect for a small meal.

10 July, 2019


Orange Pack 500 grams

A very refreshing drink, better than the colas. The taste is very natural and is quite energizing. i often drink this before leaving home because it keeps me hydrated for a long span of time.

10 July, 2019

Urban Platter

Dark & White Twin Choco Chips Jar 200 grams

I use these twin choco chips for decorating cakes. i also use these when i bake cookies that call for choco chips on it. At times I melt them for icing purpose.

10 July, 2019

Kitchens Of India

Malabari Chicken Stew Box 285 grams

It has the very subtle flavour of southwest cuisine. Easy and quick to prepare. while on the other hand it also quite reasonable at cost. Glad as such products are available.

23 July, 2019

24 Mantra Organic

Mango Tetra Pack 1 litre

It is quite a bliss to drink the mantra organic mango in the summers. It really has the goodness of fresh organic mangoes. There is no trace of adulteration.

23 July, 2019


Butter Unsalted Box 100 grams

It is one of the best unsalted butter i have used for preparing cakes. It gives a very decent flavour and texture to the cake. Moreover, it can also be used for making tarts, as it would result in the desired crust.

23 July, 2019


Lime Juice Cordial Plastic Bottle 750 millilitre

Its has a very authentic flavour. I mostly use this to prepare Shandy, Virgin Mojito .. other than that it is very refreshing even if you have it with water. It is a heavenly divine at the summer time.!!

23 August, 2019

Haldiram's Nagpur

Soan Papdi Pack 250 grams

This is something I really love. The texture, quality and taste is very good. I always stock this at my house as everyone in my house is fond of it..

07 October, 2019

Chili Chicken Recipe

Chili chicken is a universal dish, and is the best appetizer. I tried this recipe at my house party, the flavour was intact, and it came out really well. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

08 July, 2019

Gluten free Dark Chocolate chip cookies Recipe

Dark chocolate chip cookie is everyone's favourite, and i prepared this for my dad on his birthday, keeping it healthy and tasty, free from gluten as well as sugar. Thank you GoToChef for the recipe.

08 July, 2019

Beetroot Tikkis Recipe

Eating beetroot raw was always a big deal for me, but the beetroot tikkis have made it damn easy. This recipe has a blend of nutrition along with the taste. it even has the goodness of oats. Simply awesome!

08 July, 2019

Noodles Custard Recipe

noodles has always been associated with chili chicken, whereas, its association with custard is a great innovation in the culinary world. Great recipe, i tried one and it resulted in a success.

08 July, 2019

Mango Rava Cake

Mango Rava cake is a great recipe to follow. its a great fusion of mango and semolina. I tried this recipe as it is something different from the traditional cakes, where flours are usually used. i wanted to try something out of the box, and supposedly it turned out to be great in terms of taste. Cheers!

08 July, 2019

Aloo Gajar and Matar sabzi Recipe

Aloo, gajar, matar is a great combination. I rustled up all the ingredients, and it worked wonders. Awesome recipe!

09 July, 2019

Schezwan Egg Franky

quick and easy to cook, and very tasty to eat.

15 July, 2019

Coffee Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Recipe

Very flavoursome and tasty. the favour is very subtle and the texture too is very creamy. Great recipe!!

18 July, 2019

Maxican tikka Recipe

Nice!! The combination of suji and poha is tremendous. The flavour is quite intact. Great recipe.

23 July, 2019

Samosa Recipe

The flavour of the samosa is as good as the innovation.

23 July, 2019

Chilli Chicken Gravy Recipe

It resembles the hotel style chili chicken a lot. Will surely try this.

23 July, 2019

Badami(almond)Paneer Kebab Recipe

Great combination. will surely try this

02 August, 2019

Pavbhaji Popcorn

Delicious!! will surely try making this for an evening tea.

03 August, 2019

Rice Kheer/Rice Payasam/Paramannam Recipe

Delectable.. will surely try this

13 August, 2019

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