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Sadhana Gupta


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Hing Plastic Jar 50 grams

This hing is very nice nice and packaging is also good . taste and texture is very good.this review is based on my own experience.i used this hing on dal tadka and it taste yummy.

01 August, 2019


Chia Box 150 grams

I was recommended to add flax or Chia seeds in my daily diet. I tried flax seeds first, saw them in a local grocery store in my city. But they were flavoured, not crunchy at all, and smelt horrible. I had to throw the whole pack away. Then I tried this Chia pack . These were fresh and nutty (as they are supposed to be). And completely flavorless and odorless. I can use them in curd, in chhaachh/lassi, in raita, in salty saatu drink, even in salads. They just add a slight crunchy/nutty taste.

06 August, 2019


Butter Pasteurised Box 500 grams

This is a must Product for me on table for breakfast to dinner. It's taste so good and pure like a homebase.Very good taste . Nothing beats amul butter.As we know butter means Amul so no need to say it was great.

17 August, 2019

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