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Shaurya Pratap Singh


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13 November, 2018


New jersey

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2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

I am eating maggi noodles from many years and enjoying it. It smells so nice after cooked. It can be harmful for digestive system but i still love it.

13 November, 2018


Olive Oil Tin 1 litre

I like Figaro Olive Oil. Basically, I use it for body massage to get relief from tired and painful body. I never tried it for cooking because it's a very expensive product for me.

13 November, 2018


Pan Bahaar Candy Jar 200 grams

I had eaten Natraj Pan Bahaar Candy in my school days. This candy was me and my friend’s favorite. We always offered this candy to each other in my friend circle.

15 November, 2018


Mixed Pickle Pouch 200 grams

I like to eat Tops Mixed Pickle. It tastes sour and sweet and is so yummy. The best part about this particular product is that one can enjoy the taste of different ingredients ... it's like a variety of pickles in one single pack.

15 November, 2018

Coca Cola

Coca Cola Plastic Bottle 1.75 litre

Many varieties of beverages are available in the market but I like to drink Coca-Cola. It taste is totally different to others beverages and its suit to my lifestyle.

15 November, 2018


Lemon Bhel Pack 150 grams

Haldiram’s Lemon Bhel is one my favorite Indian snack. It’s very tangy, light any time snack. It has a perfect crunch taste with balanced salt.

16 November, 2018


Dairy Milk Silk Oreo Pack 130 grams

I don't like Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo Chocolate even Oreo Biscuit also. Others Cadbury Chocolate I like but don't like Oreo Chocolate taste because it has so much creamy sweetener taste that I don't like.

16 November, 2018


Classic Thick Tomato Soup Pack 53 grams

There's a nip in the air, woolens are out and the winter is indeed approaching, with my heart screaming out for this delicious Knorr Classic Thick Tomato Soup and I like to drink this Soup for a warm winter evening.

17 November, 2018

Tata Tea

Gold Pack 250 grams

I am using Tata Tea Gold since the last 15-16 years and I like to have it daily as first thing for refreshing start of my morning. This tea energizes me after a long exhausting day at work. One thing that is unique about this tea is that it comes with green tea leaves along with regular tea leaves for extra flavor.

17 November, 2018


Deggi Mirch, Chilli Powder Box 100 grams

I like MDH Deggi Mirch because it’s very spicy and I like to sometimes eat hot & spicy food for a change in taste.It's a good hot chilli powder to use at home.

19 November, 2018


Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

I like to use Safal Frozen Green Peas in my almost dishes and this is the best option for non-seasoning green peas. This product Safal Frozen green peas quality is absolutely good.

20 November, 2018


Pure Honey Glass Jar 500 grams

When I feel cold, I like to have some Zandu Pure Honey mixed with Dabar Sitopaladi Churna before going to sleep. It relieves me from cough and cold, boosts my immunity, reduces inflammation and keeps me warm.

20 November, 2018

Agro Fresh

Regular Almonds Pack 200 grams

I like to eat Agro Fresh Regular Almond dry fruit either as a snack or include it in my food preparation. They generate heat in my body and are rich in nutrients. Agro Almond quality is absolutely good.

20 November, 2018


Turmeric Powder Pack 500 grams

Turmeric is one of nature's best inflammation-fighting foods. I like to use Catch Turmeric Powder in my cooking and product texture, color, and flavor are absolutely good.

20 November, 2018


Veg Atta Noodles Pack 320 grams

This is my favorite Maggi Veg Atta Noodles. Basically, I like all Maggi noodles but this is different from others Maggi noodles for me because I thought about my health and to consider my health in my mind so I like to eat Atta noodles.

20 November, 2018

Nestle Cerelac

Baby Cereal With Milk Multi Dal Veg Box 300 grams

My wife is giving this product Nestle Cerelac Multi Dal Veg to my son But he does not like taste and flavour of the product.. packaging of product is perfect but nestle should improve in terms of taste for this product

21 November, 2018

Haldiram's Nagpur

Gulab Jamun Tin 1 kilogram

Haldiram's Gulab Jamun is my favorite gulab jamun because Haldiram's gulab jamun is so soft and tasty. Product packaging is also easy to store and portable.

21 November, 2018


Premium Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard OIl Can 5 litre

We are using Fortune mustard oil for many years and l like fried Dals & vegetables with this oil. When I heat it in a frypan on the gas stove then burning sensation begin in my eyes. It’s like our village's home mustard Oil that mustard seeds grown in our farms.

22 November, 2018


Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil Can 5 litre

This is the first oil brand “Dhara” which I saw in T.V ads in my childhood. My family (at my village home) using this product from the very beginning I also like this product.

22 November, 2018


Premium Chocolate Flavour Box 400 grams

PediaSure Premium Chocolate Flavour is my son's favorite. He is just turned 2 years old and we have started giving him Pediasure milk. He loves the chocolate flavor so he finishes his milk. PediaSure does increase the immunity as we did see him keeping well during the season change.

25 November, 2018


Hing Plastic Jar 50 grams

Many brands of Hings are available in the market. I have been tried many brands of Hing and I found Catch brand of Hing to be the best in quality and taste. I buy this product now always since I first chanced upon it.

26 November, 2018


Instant Energy Tangy Orange Flavour Box 1 kilogram

I prefer to drink Glucon-D in summer to feel energised. I like the taste of Glucon-D Tangy Orange . It really does work instantly and provides me with a boost of energy in my body.

26 November, 2018


Chicken Masala Box 100 grams

Everest Chicken Masala is my favorite chicken masala because this spice powder gives an excellent taste to the chicken curry. I have been using this masala since the time I have been making chicken curry.

27 November, 2018

Neelam Foodland

Low Fat Plain Caps Pack 200 grams

I don't like this product because it is not at all soft and crispy. Once you open the packet, the product denatures and it's not palatable anymore.

27 November, 2018

Tasty Treat

Chifferi Pasta Pack 500 grams

I like Tasty Treat Chifferi Pasta's taste. I am using it since many years and whenever I go to for grocery shopping I definitely purchase it. It's a great product when I want to eat a filling snack. I also add veggies to it to make it healthy.

28 November, 2018


Bourbon New & Chocolatier Pack 120 grams

I don't like Britannia Bourbon New & Chocolatier biscuits flavour & taste because it has so much chocolaty sweetener flavour which is I don't like.

30 November, 2018


50 50 Sweet & Salty Biscuits Pack 100 grams

I like to eat Britannia 50 50 Sweet & Salty Biscuit. I am eating this biscuit since my childhood. I love to eat this biscuit by dipping it in tea and coffee. The packaging of the product is awesome and the price is reasonable to buy.

30 November, 2018


Good Day Nuts Cookie Pack 200 grams

I like Britannia Good Day Biscuits because it is very tasty and delicious. Good Day biscuits have cashew and almond, wheat, flour, and nuts, which are also good for my health, easy to serve with tea and coffee. The packaging of the product is awesome and the price is reasonable to buy.

30 November, 2018


Khatta Meetha Pack 1 kilogram

Bikano Khatta Meetha is a very bad product! I don’t except this from the Bikano brand that they can provide a product of this low quality. It almost felt as if I’d break a tooth or two while attempting to chew it.

08 December, 2018


Bournvita Pro Health Vitamins Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

This was one of my favorite drinks as a child. I cannot express how much I have always loved this drink and it still is one of my favorites. I love the way it just dissolves completely in milk.

31 December, 2018