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Shikha Vijayvargiya


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01 August, 2019



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Its traditional Indian sweet dish.

Sweet, tasty,yummy and can make very soon

Seasonable dessert, easy to make,awesome in taste.

Added season fruit in rabdi to give it a different taste. Awesome in t ...

Very soft n moisture,easy to bake.

Innovative, fusion, awesome in taste.

Fasting dessert, less ingredients and very easy.

No baking,easy to make.

Yummy, tasty,very easy,kids can make easily,no cooking.

Very tasty, can eat during fast.

Tasty,easy, everyone's favourite.

Yummy, cooked in sometime.

Traditional Indian sweet.

It's a traditional Greek pastry(also widely known as "spinach pie")mad ...

Bruschetta as a classic Italian starter. Ideal for a summer gathering ...

It's middle east dessert, heavenly awesome in taste.

its very easy n quick tasty recipe.

Eggless and quick recipe

Egg-free, awesome in taste, buttercream.

Its flavoured cake..yummy.

Egg less, quick evening snacks for kids.

It is easy to throw things but hard to use them. This cake has been ma ...

Leftover rice has always been an issue for every kitchen. Here is simp ...

Reuse of aloo sabji to make something interesting,yummy.

Innovative, yummy, tasty and easy to cook recipe for monsoon.

Chole Rings - This is my very innovative dish best to enjoy this monso ...

It is healthy dish for all age people with very less innovat ...