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Coriander Powder Pack 100 grams

I love coriander powder because it helps in digestion and i put it in every recipe i cook. my mom uses this in all curry recipes veg or non veg .

13 September, 2018


Decaffeinated Honey Lemon Green Tea Box 20 pcs

i started having green tea past from 4 years , and i have tried many brands but green tea from this brand is best so far it has a good balance of sweet and sour

13 September, 2018


Sambar Powder Pack 100 grams

i Prefer MTR Sambar Masala because of its unique flavor, it gives restaurant type flavor to my home made cooked sambar i just love the taste that it adds to my recipe

13 September, 2018


Mixed Pickle Pouch 200 grams

I love the taste of mixed pickle and it is always available in my kitchen. i like its flavor. i usually eat this pickle with rice and curd.....

15 September, 2018


Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills Box 75 grams

I love this biscuit as it has coffee fills inside which melts in the mouth and give amazing taste. i like packaging of this product , as each biscuits is packed in Individual pack which make it easy to open and eat

10 October, 2018

Neelam Foodland

Special Jack Fruit Stick Pack 200 grams

I love this Jack fruit sticks. i like the crunchiness of this product . The packaging of this product is appealing and is free from moisture .

10 October, 2018

Mother Dairy

Chocolate Milk Shake Tetra Pack 200 millilitre

I love the taste of this chocolate drink .i like the consistency as it is very thick . it tastes similar to chocolate . this product is better than other brands

10 October, 2018


Mixed Fruit Exotic Jam Glass Jar 250 grams

i love the taste of this jam . And i mostly prefer this to eat with bread , bun and chapati its very easy for breakfast , this is one of my favorite brand.

10 October, 2018

Nestle a+

Nourish Dahi Cup 400 grams

I like to have yoghurt as part of my daily diet. I prefer this brand over others as it provides assured quality products even though its bit costly compared to other brands This yoghurt is thick and tastes really good I store it in air tight container after I open the pack because it gets dry if you keep it open in refrigerator

15 October, 2018


Fresh Tomato Ketchup Glass Bottle 1 kilogram

I Love the sweet and spicy taste of Ketchup i like to eat this with lot of dishes like Omelet & Fried rice , Sandwich and with chapatti roll.

16 October, 2018


Taaza Homogenised Toned Milk Tetra Pack 1 litre

The milk is non-adulterated. It is mentioned that it goes through a lot of quality checks which is why I use this. There is no regulation on dairy farms in India and no one checks for the adulterants and the kind of antibiotics or drugs used on cows and buffaloes. They may not all be identified but being a Amul branded milk, I feel a little assured.

20 October, 2018


2-Minute Noodles Masala Pack 70 grams

Maggi Noodles is so yummy. I love and enjoy sharing Maggie with my friends. For me it's not Maggie, it is memories. In my childhood when I used to get ready to catch the school bus, mom used to pack my tiffin with Maggi. Maggi Noodle is my Favorite .

23 October, 2018


Chaat Masala Box 500 grams

Now a days Chat masala has become very famous due to its more use at our homes because most of people like to have chatpata and spicy dishes and without this masala it is not possible. Chat masala is a mix of hot and tangy spices.

23 October, 2018


Instant Energy Tangy Orange Flavour Box 1 kilogram

It is an instant energy provider which not only provides energy but also keeps the stomach cool and helps in fighting diseases like gas and constipation. It is very useful during summer days. Living in a hot and humid climate the body. I have taken this energy drink since my childhood..

23 October, 2018


Bandhani Hing Box 150 grams

I like the smell of patanjali Bandhani Hing . I use this in Rasam ,Dal , other curries . I like the packaging of this product as it is easy to use and handle .

23 October, 2018


Vanilla Flavour Plastic Jar 400 grams

Using this product from past 1.5 years .I wanted to loose my weight it helped me a lot as it is low in sugar and keeps me full long time .It comes in two flavors vanilla and chocolate. I prefer chocolate. Taste wise it's really tasty.

23 October, 2018


Authentic Basmati Rice Organic Brown Box 1 kilogram

Kohinoor Basmati rice has a unique taste and quality of rice after I tried this product I became fan of Kohinoor Basmati rice it's flavor is awesome . it's quality is very good apart from other product. Its perfect for biryani .

25 October, 2018


Authentic Basmati Rice Organic Brown Box 1 kilogram

Basmati rice is a unique taste and quality of rice after I tried this product I became fan of this Basmati rice it's flavor is awesome and it very good for health it's quality is also very good

25 October, 2018


Bournvita Pro Health Vitamins Plastic Jar 1 kilogram

First time I tried its plain flavor it tastes bitter than any other but than I thought I should try its chocolate flavor I bought a new one after finishing that but it was also simple and tasty . It is a coco flavored powdered which adds up a chocolaty taste in the milk awesome , chocolaty , delicious , cool taste.

25 October, 2018


Slim 'n' Trim Skimmed Milk Tetra Pack 1 litre

Amul Slim 'N'Trim Milk stays fresh for 2 days after opening if kept in the refrigerator. Packing is good, easy to carry and use while travelling. This is good for the people who are trying to loose weight. I highly recommend this product.

25 October, 2018


50 50 Sweet & Salty Biscuits Pack 100 grams

I like Britannia 50 50 biscuit. Its really tasty mixed with sweet and salty. Flavor also good. Its a no 1 quality packaging. We all know Britannia is very good brand of is so yummy. Quality of biscuits is so good.

26 October, 2018


Kaccha Mango Bite Pack 277 grams

Parle Kaccha Mango Bite is very good flavor to eat such a different taste . Mango Bite is really unique and innovative product .This kaccha mango toffee taste so delicious and melts instantly when you put it in your mouth sour and sweet taste of a ripe mango .

26 October, 2018


Cheese Processed Cheese Spread - 5 Slices Pack 100 grams

I love Amul cheese . Its been years now since I have been utilizing this cheese . I use Amul cheese slice to make sandwich, burger. Its taste better than Britannia Cheese .

27 October, 2018


Classic Pure Coffee Glass Bottle 50 grams

I love Nescafe Classic . when i get stress or headache i like to drink Nescafe Classic it gives me so relax & good feeling, I like the flavor and taste of Nescafe classic ,

01 November, 2018


India's Magic Masala Pack 57 grams

Lay's is a very popular brand and it has launched a variety of lays till now. i dont like Lays Magic Masala because of its bad taste . quantity of product is very less .

11 November, 2018


American Style Cream & Onion Flavour Pack 52 grams

I have been eating Lay's American Style Cream & Onion Flavor since childhood, the crispiness of the chips are the secret of its mouthwatering taste. The thin layer of the flavor added to chips provides perfect aroma when it is opened.

11 November, 2018


Bourbon New & Chocolatier Pack 120 grams

Britannia Bourbon New & Chocolatier has been my favorite among the cream biscuits. The chocolate cream wafer between two sugar sprinkled biscuits adds a perfect taste for the chocolate-loving tongue buds. The Biscuit enhances the flavor giving it a richer taste.

13 November, 2018


Choco-Chip Cookies Pack 150 grams

I love the taste Britannia Choco Chip Cookies . The chocolate chips are blended into a crunchy cookie and makes it taste perfect. Every bite of this biscuit floods the mouth with chocolate taste .

13 November, 2018

Mother Dairy

Tadka Chach Spiced Butter Milk Plastic Bottle 200 millilitre

Mother Dairy Tadka Chach Spiced Butter Milk . I am using from long time . It makes the buttermilk taste better, infact my liking towards the buttermilk improved only with the help of masala . Act likes a taste booster which makes it good for health .

14 November, 2018


Atta With Multigrains Pack 5 kilogram

I love Aashirvaad Atta because of its softness and when i prepare Roti comes into fluffy and it is very smooth and soft . I am using it past from 3 years

20 November, 2018

Rafael Salgado

Aceite De Oliva Tin 200 millilitre

Oliva oil is considered as the best oil for heart because of it monounsaturated fatty acids . The viscosity of the oil is low making it good for consumption . The cost of it is high as compared to other oils.

20 November, 2018

Grandma Agro

2 Piece Cashew Nuts Pack 500 grams

I have been Using this brand for a very long time and they have always been up to the mark. I usually have these with raisins in between meals .

05 December, 2018


California Almond Pack 1 kilogram

Glomin California Almond I like to eat these by dipping them overnight in water and peel off the skin and have them with my breakfast. Glomin California Almond are nicely packed and quite consistent quality.

06 December, 2018


Dried Kiwi Pack 200 grams

Regency dried kiwi is nutritious and a natural product that i have been using it for since a year . It gives me energy in the morning and keeps me energized for the whole day .

10 December, 2018


100% Natural Premium Californian Walnut Kernels Pack 200 grams

I like to eat walnut Kernels because it is so tasty and help full for health . it Improves digest system and blood circulation . My whole family use walnuts . walnut are natural product with full protein and organic so we use it in our food .

10 December, 2018

Haldiram's Nagpur

Bhel Puri Pack 300 grams

I have been using Haldiram's Nagpur Bhel Puri since a year. Its very delicious and has a balance of spices that make it amazing, especially the fact that it has a lot of peanuts inside.

11 December, 2018

Haldiram's Nagpur

Khatta Meetha Pack 150 grams

Haldiram's Nagpur Khatta Meetha - I like the taste of this because it is filled with dry fruits and is a little bit khatta meetha. I mostly have this snack with coffee.

11 December, 2018


Garlic Fingers Chicken Pack 400 grams

I have been using yummyiez garlic chicken for one year. It makes the food really delicious. We can count on this product. And even my entire family likes its taste .

12 December, 2018


Frozen Green Peas Pack 1 kilogram

Safal Frozen Green Peas is organic and healthy . I usually buy this because I don't have time to buy the fresh ones and peal them. So I prefer frozen green peas as they are instant and we can cook easily.

13 December, 2018

Haldiram's Nagpur

Punjabi Tadka Pack 150 grams

Its not a regular snack for me as its too spicy and oily. But still the taste is great and once i start to eat,its hard to restrain myself till i cannot handle its spiciness anymore.

14 December, 2018

Act II

Natural Popcorn Pack 33 grams

I am huge fan of Act II natural popcorn's .They are quick and easy to make. The only thing is that the price is to steep and so i don't buy them very often.

14 December, 2018


Nonfat Probiotic Drink Plastic Bottle 65 millilitre

I have been using yakult since it was launched . I have it everyday and it keeps me healthy . I also like its taste . The quantity too i feel is adequate,not too much , not too less .

15 December, 2018

Date Crown

Fard Pack 500 grams

In my opinion these are one of the best dates available in the market today. In summers i store them in my fridge as it keeps them fresh for a long time . These are rich in taste and quality .

15 December, 2018

Raw Pressery

Almond Butter, Salted + Roasted Glass Jar 200 grams

I recently bought the Raw Pressery Almond Butter and tried it for making a smoothie. I must say i really liked the taste. The Packaging is quite appealing too.

17 December, 2018

Raw Pressery

Almond Butter, Cacao Glass Jar 200 grams

I don't usually experiment with new items of packaged food at least not from unknown brands but my friends introduced me to the raw pressery Almond butter cacao. Now i would definitely be looking forward to buying myself a full bottle.

17 December, 2018

Paper Boat

Alphonso Aam Bottle 200 millilitre

Paper Boat Alphonso Aam Bottle It's a delight drink for the summer's and i really enjoy its rich flavor. Even the packaging is quit interesting and unique. So i prefer Paper Boat Alphonso Aam Bottle .

19 December, 2018

Paper Boat

Aam Panna Bottle 250 millilitre

Paper Boat Aam Panna Bottle 250 Amazing and a perfect trip down the memory lane as we used to drink it quit excessively during summer vacations. Really glad that this simple drink is still in fashion and paper boat has done a good job in recreating it.

19 December, 2018


Lemon Candy Container 230 grams

I am a long -time fan of this lemon candy,its absolutely delicious and hard to resist once you begin eating . In my opinion it's also pretty handy for sore throat.

21 December, 2018


Oats Homestyle Masala Pack 400 grams

I find Quaker style masala oats to be a really good bargain for something that is supposed to be a 'ready to eat ' meal . Not too spicy not too bland , it has the perfect balance of taste,convenience of health .

21 December, 2018


Mom's Magic Cashew & Almond Biscuits Pack 50 grams

Sun feast Mom's Magic Cashew & Almond Pack Decent biscuit but the cashew content is quite low and i feel old school good Day was far better in taste. But at this price point it's a fair bargain

22 December, 2018


Dark Fantasy Choco Fills Box 300 grams

Sun feast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills Box Purely awesome cookies. To me they almost feel like a choco lava cake. The packaging is also brilliant as each biscuit is individually packed.

22 December, 2018


Gold Coffee Glass Jar 25 grams

Bru Gold Glass Jar I have been a Nescafe person for a long time with Bru only being a back -up options.But frankly i would Say there isn't much difference between the two in terms of taste or quality .

24 December, 2018

Too Yumm

Chili Chataka Veggie Stix Pack 30 grams

Too Yumm Chili Chataka Veggie Stix had these recently at a friends's place and i was taken by surprise how good it was . They are crunchy and spicy with perfect balance of salt . I would definitely recommended these.

26 December, 2018


Arabica Blend Pure Arabica High Grown Coffee Pack 500 grams

Dalemist Arabica Blend Pure Arabica - A perfect blend The Aroma and the taste together gives that amazing first thing in the morning experience. I absolutely love it and would recommend all the coffee lovers to definitely try this at least once

03 January, 2019


The Original Container 169 grams

Pringles The Original I didn't like the these at all. Maybe because i have been used to lays for so long ,or perhaps a different flavor would the trick but these were pretty bland .

03 January, 2019

Lee Kum Kee

Light Soy Sauce Glass Bottle 500 millilitre

Lee Kum Kee Light Soy Sauce I have been mainly using ching's for a long time now,with Lee Kum Kee Being an occasional purchase . My major complain is saltiness,if they could reduce that a little ,it would be perfect

08 January, 2019

Wingreens Farms

Mint Mayo Tube 130 grams

Wingreens Farms Mint Mayo - A new favorite. I use it with parathas and sandwich mostly ,and i must say i am not a fan of mayo as such , but the mint flavor makes it a different thing altogether. The too quite user friendly . Being a tube like bottle its easier to squeeze when there isn't much left in it .

10 January, 2019

Organic Tattva

Cloves Pack 50 grams

I have been Buying these for a long time now and i must say the best thing is once opened the packet acts as a pouch. It's perfect in every-way

06 February, 2019

Pro Nature

Organic Sunflower Oil (Cold Pressed) Bottle 500 millilitre

This sunflower oil has a nice aroma to it and i use it for majority of my cooking . It is especially perfect for parathas and shallow fried pakodas .

06 February, 2019

Mogu Mogu

Orange Juice With Nata De Coco Plastic Bottle 300 millilitre

One of the best drink in terms of its pulpiness available today. Though price is a little higher but one must give it a try. It’s definitely worth it!

08 February, 2019

Sangi's Kitchen

Mustard Mayonnaise Glass Jar 210 grams

That mayonnaise taste is somewhat missing because the mustard is a bit too strong and dominates the flavor. I'll give the mint mayo a try to see it that is a bit more balanced in its taste.

08 February, 2019

To Be Healthy

Peri Peri Sweet Potato Chips Pack 25 grams

Interesting idea of making sweet potato chips, but they are way too hard to eat. And way too expensive for 10 chips! I was expecting a lot from these. Did not like them much.

08 February, 2019


Cranberry (Sweetened Dehydrated) Pack 200 grams

These dried Cranberries are really tasty, fresh and budget friendly. They are neither too sweet, nor to sour, just the perfect balance. And the re-seal-able packet is a nice touch.

08 February, 2019

Minute Chef

Sweet Chiili Garlic Dip Glass Jar 430 grams

I bought one recently as to try something new. And I am glad I bought it! Its great with anything, especially parathas. I would even say this is better than good old fashioned Indian pickles.

08 February, 2019

Coffee Day

Highland Aroma Premium Coffee Beans Pack 500 grams

Great product. I'm almost a regular customer for CCD and hands down this is one of their finest in my opinion. Best thing is though, I can make it at home!

09 February, 2019

La Vieja Fabrica

Blackberry Marmelada (Jam) Glass Jar 350 grams

I love it. The one major down side it that you only get these at a high end gourmet food stores so most of the time I have to order it online only.

14 February, 2019


Original Ginger Ale Flavoured Tin 300 millilitre

I feel this drink tastes far better when chilled. Otherwise it's not so good. But when chilled overnight no other soda can come even a little bit close to it's amazing taste.

18 February, 2019


Blueberries, Value Pack 1 kilogram

They are so good. I've made them my every evening snack. A handful and I'm good to go. I would recommend this to anyone who has the habit mid meals snacking but would like to opt for a healthier options.

18 February, 2019

To Be Healthy

Peri Peri Sweet Potato Chips Pack 50 grams

Peri Peri Sweet Potato Chips I'm all for healthy snacking. But that said these aren't so healthy due to their high soduim content. Nonetheless, they taste amazing.

18 February, 2019


All Natural Almond Butter, Coconut Glass Jar 200 grams

A friend of mine brought this for me from one of the gourmet stores ... It surely is quite expensive and not widely available but it's one of the best iterations of any butter I've ever had tried. One word- delicious.

18 February, 2019

Teesta Valley Tea

Alphonso Mango Ice Tea Pack 59 grams

I'm not a fan of all these fancy tea flavors that mostly are heavy on artificial flavors. But I can make an exception for this one, it really is good. They've really captured the mango flavor without going overboard with it's intensity.

20 February, 2019


Intense Cafe Tetra Pack 180 millilitre

Really tasty. Perfect drink for the summers and completely effortless. The packaging is also nice. Any coffee lovers should give it a try ...

22 February, 2019

Cup Noodles

Mazedaar Masala Delicious Masala Flavour Cup 70 grams

It's bland and I bought it as I wanted to be try the cup noodles once..didn't have as good a taste as I expected. Really a waste of money if you ask me. I would prefer regular instant noodles.

12 March, 2019

Beetroot Pasta Recipe

Sounds quite innovative and quite beautiful too! Would definitely try.

31 May, 2019

Coffee Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Recipe

This recipe looks delicious! I'm surely going to try it.

18 July, 2019

Cauliflower chocolate cake Recipe

It was perfect! I highly recommend it for any cake lovers.

31 July, 2019

Bun Chaat snacks Recipe

Looks delicious, I would definitely be trying this. Thanks for sharing!

31 July, 2019

Pavbhaji Popcorn

Wow! That's a recipe I never thought could exist! Truly innovative thinking here!

02 August, 2019

Spinach and Mango Salad Recipe

Delicious and perfect for my lunch! Thanks for sharing

09 August, 2019

Rice Kheer/Rice Payasam/Paramannam Recipe

Amazing recipe! Am definitely trying this some time soon.

14 August, 2019

Delicious kadi ,You can eat with chapati,Rice .

Delicious Potato Crispy fry , eat as Snacks with tea, coffee.

Delicious Dhum Aloo, eat with chapati, Poori, Doosa.

Taste a rich flavor of cream alone with soya.

Sweet and savory cookies

Crispy and chatpata appetiser.

Delicious creamy Italian recipe.

Make memories, laugh , try new stuff. Cook together ,eat together. ...

This is very delicious as the buttery effect of cauliflower is like me ...

Bun Chaat snacks recipe is delicious, yummy and mouthwatering in taste ...

Chole Rings - This is my very innovative dish best to enjoy this monso ...

Innovative, yummy, tasty and easy to cook recipe for monsoon.

Mathri, crisp deep-fried flatbread, that is quickly made and any begin ...

Dry Fruits are great in nutrition because most of the water is extract ...

We often have left over roti and wonder what to do with it , so here i ...