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27 February, 2019

Shail Parekh Thosani

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I am a lawyer by profession but love to cook. Being a foodie myself I keep trying variations with my recipes. My blog is all about my experiments and experience with food. You can follow me on instagram, twitter and facebook all having handles alawyerskitchen. I am also on the food reviewer panel with GoToChef, which is the perfect platform to check out reviews on various food products and also find recipes using the same. You can also find me on blogchatter and pinterest My website is









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Sriracha Chilli Garlic Sauce Plastic Bottle 320 grams

I just started using this brand and I absolutely loved this sauce. It is not too tangy and is perfect with sandwiches and fries. The bottle is so easy to use and store.

26 September, 2019

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Besan Pack 500 grams

I have been using this brand for quite a while now. I like the texture of the besan atta it is not too thick and does not lump. I make it to use pakoras or besan chillas. I have even used it recently to make besan ke ladoo and the ladoos turned out great. It mixes very easily in water and is not sticky on use.

02 October, 2019

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Mixed Fruit Jam Glass Jar 200 grams

Kissan jams are very tasty and specially this moxed fruit jam is an all in one package. The taste is good it is not too overly sweet and goes well with breads, buns, chapatti or even thepla. I use this jam even in my cake fillings. The bottle is easy to use and easy to open for use for the first time. The taste and texture both are great and the mixed fruits combination used is yummy.

02 October, 2019

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Fresh Cream Tetra Pack 250 millilitre

Amul fresh cream is available very easily and easy to use. I make my truffle, ice cream and even punjabi gravies using this cream. It is thick and blends very easily in any recipe. It mixes very well with chocolate and gives a shiny texture to the truffle. The present pack with a cap for opening is very convenient to use and store.

09 October, 2019

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Jowar & Sweet Potato Flour, Expresso Coffee Cake Mix Box 200 grams

Being a baker when I received this pre mix box I could not wait to try it. It is gluten free and hence you can indulge without any guilt. The cake itself is bit dense and if you are expecting it to fluff like a regular cake it will not. However the taste does not disappoint for someone looking to eat guilty free this is the perfect cake for. The taste initially will be difficult to accept but give it a few bites and you will like it. I topped mine with some chocolate sauce. You can have it as it is also. For vegetarian recipe it says use 120 ml water I would suggest 130 - 140 ml. Do try it once.

14 October, 2019

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Masala Oats Pack 38 grams

I love the flavor of classic masala oats. It tastes somewhat like maggi masala and hence easily eaten even by kids. It cooks very easily just add some water and cooks in two minutes. It is soft when cooked. I use masala oats in many of my starter recipes also. One such recipe is of aloo tikki sandwich which I have posted in my profile. The flavor of masala oats gives an additional flavor to the starters. The packaging is regular packet once opened I store the entire contents in an airtight container.

17 October, 2019

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Cheese Processed Cheese Spread - 5 Slices Pack 100 grams

I prefer to use amul cheese slices for my cheese sandwiches if I want to make it quick. Just add the chutney place one slice and grill and you are ready to go. Even if on a trip just pack bread and amul cheese slices and you are good to go for a quick snack. The slices are the appropriate size for our regular breads and the taste is great specially when grilled. I use this sometimes in my pizza also place the slices on the base top it with toppings then grated cheese of choice. When baked it melts just perfect.

22 October, 2019

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Sprouted Ragi, Ragi, Ragi Porridge Mix Box 300 grams

Bourbon has always been one of my favorite biscuits. The new more chocolaty flavor is equally delicious. The biscuit is available in many different prize ranges and affordable. I love the cream in between which goes perfectly with the biscuit outside. The sugar granules add to the flavor. I use it in my biscuit cake recipe also.

01 November, 2019

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Green Tea Decaffeinated Box 20 pcs

I use this brand because it is easy to use, refreshing and at the same time it tastes good. The dip dip bags are best to use as you can carry these with you for any trip all you need is warm water and you are ready to use it.

04 November, 2019

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Dark Fantasy Choco Fills Box 75 grams

I love this cookies. The chocolate filling is rich and perfect. When you bite into the cookie the filling just melts in your mouth. It is perfect for fulfilling your small hunger pangs and satisfying your chocolate craving. The best way to eat it is with milk. The box packaging and individual biscuit packaging is good as you can one biscuit and the remaining stay fresh in the package.

04 November, 2019