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25 October, 2019

Yogita .

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I am Yogita; Social Ambassador@Indian Development Foundation, YouTuber@Crazy Cookery, WordPressor@A Conceit, Author@Kalpana: An Imagination, Educationist@Unfold U, and a technocrat who worked as a Software Developer in an IT company. I am confident and enthusiastic about my profession. Writing and cooking are my passions, which I am following since 15. I write about many problems of the society. My writing’s vision is to uplift the nation from its conservative approach towards positive life and to fulfil the gap of disparity. Writing satires is my hobby and pointing the need for social change in society is my vision. Whereas, my vision for cooking is to stay connected with my roots. I am bold, confident, optimistic and a rational person who leads her life according to her whims and wills. I am never afraid of writing the truth. I believe one has to live to grow and to satisfy his conscious which leads to contentment. I have already expressed my thoughts on my blog and in different media. After completing my graduation, I decided to work for my earning and to follow my writing and cooking passion for satisfying myself.









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Fish Curry Recipe

Hey, the recipe seems simple. However, can you please elaborate on what Kokum is?

08 November, 2019