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08 April, 2019

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Haldiram's Nagpur

Moong Dal Pack 350 grams

Moong dal is from my childhood favorite, during school times I use to keep in my pocket and after so many years it is still always present in my grocery list.Haldiram snacks are always good ,they have many varieties in snacks which are good in packing, quality and quantity is always good.Moong dal is healthy also.

28 July, 2021

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Agro Fresh

Broken Wheat Dhaliya Pack 500 grams

Broken wheat dalia is full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. It's good in quality and packing.price is also good.This I purchase every month and I like to make in different types like dalia khichdi or upma.while cooking the aroma itself will make you crazy and you will always add in list of monthly groceries.

28 July, 2021

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24 Mantra

Ancient Grains Parboiled Foxtail Millet Box 500 grams

Foxtail millet is a super grain ,rich in vitamins B12, use it in different ways for healthy breakfast make upma or dosa .Many times I use it combination with moong dal making dosa it taste good and it's healthy for skin and hair also.The packaging is good and quality is also good price reasonable.

28 July, 2021

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Foxtail Millet Pack 1 kilogram

Foxtail millet is a healthy grain to be used ,it's full of vitamin B12 .It has benefits for heart ,skin and hair growth.It can be used in our daily food intake in form of khichdi or upma or with different varieties with vegetables.Pavking is good and the quality also is good with reasonable price.

10 August, 2021

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Queen's Quinoa

Grain Tin 250 grams

Quinoa is full of protein, it has many health benefits good for sugar level maintaining. Make porridge or upma its good to have in breakfast with adding some veggies or fruits in porridge can give you full tummy.The packaging I like the most which comes in good quality so that whenever the required amount we can use and rest stay good for long time without catching moisture.The price I found for this quality is worth.

10 August, 2021

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Multi Millet Dosa Pack 500 grams

As millets are healthy with richness of vitamins, fiber,gluten free ,minerals and many more .We try to have healthy breakfast for ourself and for family it always comes in mind what to make ,this is the best version of making healthy breakfast with Multi Millet dosa. It comes in good pack ,method to use written on backside of the pack.While making be sure to use dosa tava or nonstick tava so you will get crispy dosa out of it .Good for children's as they don't eat much nutrition food this is good option to make them eat healthy food.Price quality is great.

10 August, 2021

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Pro Nature

Organic Sesame (White) Pack 200 grams

We Indians use sesame seeds more in many of our recepies ,because it has many health benefits like calcium,magnesium, vitamins and minerals.We actually can use in our daily food sprinkle some sesame seeds.Like the product value for money and packing is also good.

29 September, 2021

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Garam Masala Box 100 grams

It's been from so many years we are using everest garam masala there quality, texture and taste is same not a little bit also u will find any changes.I usually use in many of my recepie to enhance the taste.I feel everest has maintained there quality in all there product we can blindly trust.I truly recommend there products.Quality, packaging and value for money.

29 September, 2021