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Sugar substitutes don't just have to supply flavour, they also have health benefits; provided you choose the correct sweetener. The ones mentioned here are high in nutrition and low on the glycemic index. They will satisfy your craving for something sweet without leaving behind any trace of guilt.

Are you the one to call out for a cup of tea no matter if happy or distressed, or having a cold, or wanting to re-energise? We have some tea recommendations for you that will match your needs.

Frying oil or vegetable oil or cooking oil do not just make you fat, they are essential to give you energy. Some of the best energy sources (best edible oils) are listed below.

Foods high in calcium and Vitamin D give strength to bones, and bones form the basic structure of the body. Once you have strong bones, there doesn't remain any chance for osteoporosis. For the very same reason, make sure you include these foods rich in Vitamin D and calcium in your diet.


Cooking is the last thing you'd want when it's time to travel. We know! But picture this, you're in your car with hunger hitting your stomach and there's no restaurant nearby. Fret not, our collection of easy travel recipes has you covered.

Whoever said vegan food is bland has definitely missed out on our collection of tasty vegan recipes. From breakfast to dinner, our list of easy vegan recipes has got it all.

Eating healthy gets a bad rep with kids! All because healthy is not the most delicious, until now. Well, here’s an offer of healthy recipes for kids, that you can make and they just can’t refuse!

If you are bored with the same old Maggi, here’s a collection of different Maggi recipes to spice things up a notch. Full disclosure, they take longer than 2 minutes!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet we lack healthy breakfast ideas.If you have a high protein breakfast, equipped with these 5 breakfast ingredients, it will surely give an energetic kick to your day.

Substituting sugar with natural sweeteners go a long way in controling diabetes, weight and even tooth decay. Try these substitutes for sugar and see the change in your health.

We know bones need calcium,the source is not just the calcium tablets, but also calcium rich foods, as listed below.

Fancy growing young instead of old, without a hint of chronic diseases in your way? This whole food list will help you do just that. Make your eating choices healthier by opting for whole foods in your diet.