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Time is of the essence for people rushing off to office, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day and therefore musn't be skipped. We have complied a list of ready to eat breakfast options

There's more than one type of vinegar you know. Here's an assortment of vinegars that you can select from when cooking up a gourmet cuisine.

Whats Indian food without a heaping amount of spice to it! Here's a list of essential Indian spices you must have in your spice rack.


Chaat is the quintessential Indian snack, but why buy it when you make it at home and better? Here’s our collection of spicy Indian chaat recipes that’s a palate treat for all chaat lovers.

You don’t need a reason to eat dessert, you just need dessert to eat dessert! Now, don’t fight the craving, here’s some quick and easy recipes that you can whip up in no time. They are healthy, they are plenty and they are for everybody.

By now even your lunch boxes would be bored with same old aloo ki sabzi! It’s time to shake things up a bit and bring in something that packs both taste and health without increasing cook time. Give these easy tiffin recipes a try.

Millets are ancient. But these recipes are anything but. We give you an exquisite collection of millet recipes that include the entire range, from foxtail to kodo to finger rice and barnyard millet.


Catching cold easily? Getting tired super soon? Got a list of superfoods to keep these at bay? No? We got you covered. Grab these super healthy foods and rejuvenate your body.

Fed up with digestion issues?Feed your gut with some powerful foods that give good digestive health.

Ever eaten something that had a negative reaction to your body? Well, it’s better to know so you can avoid the unpleasant experience the next time.