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Banana flower

Also Known As : Banana blossoms, Banana no tsubomi, Dok kluai, Kehel mal, Banana heart, Jantung pisang


Usage Tips

  1. Banana flowers can be cooked in soups, stews, and curries or sliced. They can also be added to stir-fries.
  2. A fresh, tender banana flower can be sliced and served raw, as in Thailand, where it is frequently accompanied by the hot and spicy dip called nam prik.

Common names and forms

  1. Banana Blossom


Banana flower is a large, dark purple-red colored blossom that grows from the end of a bunch of bananas. It is an edible flower that is used in Southeast Asian and Indian cooking, where they consider banana flower as a vegetable.

Selection Guide

Select banana flower that is firm and fresh, with no wilting. The outer bracts should overlap tightly and they should be free from visible blemishes or cuts.

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