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Banana Puree


Taste Profile

It has sweet taste with creamy texture.

Usage Tips

  1. Banana puree can be used as a base for bakery fillings in tarts, pies, flans and pastries. It can be combined with sugar and cooked on a medium flame. Some lemon juice and vanilla essence can be added to make it a hot sauce or topping to be used on pancakes, icecreams and crepes.


Banana Puree is bananas blended in a food processor until smooth, to the consistency of a creamy paste. Some water can be added to reach desired consistency. Banana Puree can be made using a potato masher, blender or simply by pressing the bananas (ripe would be easier to press) through a strainer. It is commonly used as a first food by most mothers. Banana puree is light purple-brown in color and is commonly used as first foods for babies. It can be used in smoothies, mousses and cheesecakes. To help prevent the puree from browning, a lot of people prefer to add a few drops of an acid such as fresh lemon or orange juice.

Selection Guide

Go for ripe bananas to make banana puree at home. When buying readymade, go for a packaging that is properly sealed and also check for its "use-by" date.

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