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Also Known As : Groats, Jau
Technical Name : Hordeum vulgare


Taste Profile

It has a rich nut like flavor.

Usage Tips

  1. It can be added as a substitute to any other grain such as couscous, quinoa or rice dishes.

Common names and forms

  1. Barley (Jau)
  2. Organic Barley
  3. Organic Whole Grain Barley
  4. Raw Barley Seeds
  5. Whole Grain Barley


Barley is a tall grass with a hairy stem which stands erect and produces spikelet at the head. It is one of the most widely consumed cereals across the globe. It can be classified into various types like pearled barley, scotch barley, barley flour, barley grits, barley flakes and malted barley. It is used to make soups, casseroles, stews and hamburgers.

Health benefits

  • Barley helps to decrease the risk of heart disease.(1)
  • Choline is an important nutrient in barley that helps to reduce chronic inflammation.(1)
  • It helps to reduce blood pressure.(1)


Barley flour can sometimes cause asthma.(2)

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