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Barley Extract

Also Known As : Jau ka ark


Taste Profile

It has a sweet, malty taste with bitter notes.

Usage Tips

  1. Liquid barley extract can be stored for up to two years in a cool, dark location with minimal humidity.
  2. Powdered barley extract can be stored for up to about one year in well-packaged form.
  3. Store it away from sunlight and in temperature between 50° and 70° F.
  4. Barley extract can be used as a subtle sweetener as well as a flavouring agent.
  5. It can be added to infant formulas, breakfast cereals, biscuits, bread, chocolates and energy drinks. It can also be used to promote yeast activity in fermented bakery foods.
  6. It can be added to ice creams, milkshakes and other hot and cold beverages to improve their texture and flavour. It can be used for beer brewing as well.


Malted barley is the result of dried barley that has been germinated under controlled conditions( temperature and humidity). Barley extract is the concentrated water extract of malted barley with around 21% moisture content. It is in the form of viscous, dark brown liquid. The extract can also be dry in the form of creamish yellow, free-flowing powder. The spray-drying process is used to produce dry malt extract that easily dissolves in many distilling, brewing and baking applications. Barley extract is considered as a grain-based sweetener and has almost half the sweetness of sugar or golden syrup. It can be used in food applications where too much sweetness is undesirable.

Selection Guide

Look for Non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) and sulfite-free barley extract. Make sure it is free from artificial colors and refined sugars. It is available in two forms, liquid and dry, select according to the requirement. Buy in proper sealed form and check for its expiration date.

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