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Basmati Rice (Brown)


Taste Profile

It has nutty flavour.

Usage Tips

  1. Basmati rice (brown) can be boiled or steamed and and can be served with curries.
  2. It can also be cooked in vegetables as pulao and biryani.

Common names and forms

  1. Wholegrain brown rice


It is long grain basmati rice which is naturally unpolished aromatic rice that originated in India. It is a healthy alternative to white rice and are more flavourful than regular brown rice.

Health benefits

  • Basmati brown rice contains carbohydrates that provide energy to brain and nervous system.(1)
  • The oil content in it helps to reduce the bad cholesterol levels.(1)
  • It contains manganese that metabolises protein and carbohydrates.(1)
  • It prevents manganese deficiency that prevents high blood pressure and muscle cramps.(1)
  • It is twice rich in fiber than white rice that promotes regular bowel movements and prevents colon cancer.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose long grain whole grain (brown) basmati rice. Avoid if kernels are broken.

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