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Also Known As : Lamb's quarter, Pigweed, Wild spinach, Melde, White goosefoot, Manure weed, Fat-hen, Vastukah (Sanskrit), Bathuwa (Hindi, Oriya), Paruppukkirai (Tamil), Pappukura (Telegu), Chandanbethu (Bengali), Kaduoma (Kannada), Vastuccira (Malayalam), Chakvit (Konkani), French: anserine blanche; farineuse ; chenopode blanc; Portuguese: acarinha-branca; catassol Local Common Names Brazil: ancarinha-branca Denmark: hvidmelet gaasefod Italy: farinaccio; selvatico Norway: meldestokk Japan: akaza; shiroza Finland: jauhosavikka Germany: Gemeiner gansefuss; Weisser Gansefuss India: bathu; bathua; chandan bathua; jhil; kulf; pappu kura; parupu kire; vastuk Netherlands: luismelde South Africa: withondebossie Sweden: svinmalla; vitmalla, Spanish: campo; cenizo; salado; quniqua del quniquilla; yuyo blanco, chual;
Technical Name : Chenopodium album


Taste Profile

Bathua has an earthy, salty and astringent taste.

Usage Tips

  1. The young leaves of bathua are best used in salads and raita however, older leaves are ideal for cooking as they taste bitter.
  2. The leaves are also used to make stuffed parathas.
  3. The best ingredients that complement bathua leaves are garlic, onion, olive oil, mustard oil, tomato, lime, lemon juice, mustard seed, cumin, turmeric, ginger, coriander, capsicum, carrot.
  4. The seeds can be ground to make flour made into bread or roti.
  5. Seeds can also be made into soup or porridge. The seeds are also made into an alcoholic beverage.

Common names and forms

  1. Bathua saag


Bathua is a commonly growing weed found in India and also in Australia, South Africa, and America. The plant is fast-growing and has arrow-shaped, ridged leaves. The leaves have a wax-like coating on their surface, with a whitish-coloured coat on the underside. In India, especially in the north bathua leaves are consumed much especially during the winter season. The seeds are also valued for their nutrition and are consumed like grains.bathua has been a food source of several old civilizations. Bathua has been popularly consumed since ancient times in Europe, China and India.

Health benefits

  • Bathua leaves are rich in fibre and are considered great for treating digestive conditions like constipation and haemorroids.(1)
  • The leaves are beneficial in dealing with dental problems like bad breath and bleeding of gums.(1)
  • The leaves contain blood purifying properties, that seem beneficial in treating skin conditions like acne.(1)

Selection Guide

While purchasing Bathua leaves choose the younger leaves. and also make sure they are firm and dense without When plucking the leaves from the plant it is best to avoid those growing around commercial farms as they may be coated with pesticide residues.


Bathua leaves are rich in oxalic acids, which tend to bind with calcium thus decreasing the availability of calcium in the body from the diet. Bathua seeds can cause abortion, hence should be avoided during pregnancy. People allergic to pollen may develop allergies to bathua as it produces much pollen that can result in hay fever.(2)

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