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Bean Sprouts

Also Known As : Ankurit sem, Ankurit beans
Technical Name : Vigna radiata


Taste Profile

Bean sprouts have crunchy and subtle nutty flavor

Usage Tips

  1. Its better to consume them cooked than raw.


Bean sprouts are the result of the germination process, through which the nutritive ingredients found in beans become more nutritious. Bean sprouts can be eaten raw or lightly cooked to get maximum taste.

Health benefits

  • Beans help to relieve excess flatulence,bloating,constipation and diarrhea.(1) 
  • The bioflavonoids present in beans contain stress-relieving qualities that reduce anxiety.(1)
  • It helps to control cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes.(1)

Selection Guide

Good quality mung bean sprouts will be crisp-looking, dry and bright. Avoid sprouts that are brown, overly wet, or have wilted.


Bean sprouts have the potential to carry bacteria and therefore should be avoided by pregnant women and those with weak immune system.(2) It may even cause food-borne illnesses due to the high levels of moisture and heat generated during the sprouting process.(3)

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