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Also Known As : Butylated Hydroxyanisole, Butylhydroxyanisol, Tert-butyl-4-methoxyphenol, E320


Taste Profile

BHA has a mild aromatic odor.

Usage Tips

  1. BHA is found in many food products like lard, butter, cereal, potato chips, instant mashed potatoes, frozen meat, baked goods, chewing gum and beer.

Common names and forms

  1. Antioxidant (INS 320)
  2. Antioxidant BHA


BHA is a food additive which exists as a white or mild yellow waxy solid. It is used as an antioxidant and preservative in food. It is added to foods to protect fats and oils from becoming rancid. It preserves the flavors and color of fats and oils added to food products and is considered most effective of all food additive antioxidants.


Some persons may have difficulty metabolizing BHA which may result in health as well as behavior changes.(1)​

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