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Black Pepper Powder

Also Known As : Kali mirch powder, Kali miri powder
Technical Name : Piper nigrum


Taste Profile

Black Pepper powder has a pungent taste and is both biting and hot to average. It has some earthiness to the flavor and gives woody, piney, and sharp taste at the same time.

Usage Tips

  1. Store pepper powder in an airtight glass container, in a dark, dry and cool place. Pepper powder last for about three months.
  2. Pepper powder can be used as a spice to flavour curries, biryani, pulao and gravies.
  3. It can be added to salad dressings, soups, sauces, stews, marinades, stocks and egg dishes like omelettes and egg mayonnaise. It can also be used to flavour sausages and hamburgers.
  4. Pepper powder can be added to biscuit mixtures to prepare spicy-sweet biscuits. It can be used to season salads, fruits, seafood and raita recipes.
  5. It can be used to flavour cold sauces. dips and salsas. It can be used as a rub for fish, meats and poultry before cooking or roasting. It can also be used to flavour buttermilk.

Common names and forms

  1. Black Chilli Powder
  2. Black Pepper Powder (Piper Nigrum) (Fruit)
  3. Black peppercorns powder
  4. Dehydrated Black Pepper
  5. Roasted Black Pepper Powder


Black pepper powder is obtained by grinding dried berries of Piper nigrum. Piper nigrum plant is a flowering vine in the family, Piperaceae. The plant grows for a minimum of three years and produces small flowers, which then develop into berries. These berries are picked when unripe(green) or half-ripe(about to turn red), and are dried until they shrivel and turn dark brown or black in colour. The resulting berries are black peppercorns. The pepper is native to present-day Kerala in Southwestern India. Black Pepper powder is a fine, brownish-black colored powder with characteristic aroma of pepper, that comes from ground black peppercorns. It has an active ingredient, piperine which is the source of its characteristic heat. It is used as a spice and seasoning for cuisines all over the world.

Health benefits

  • Combat cancer: Black pepper powder can help to combat cancer causing free radicals due to the good amount of antioxidants, vitamins like Vitamin A, flavonoids and carotenes present in it.(1)
  • Aids digestion: Black pepper powder makes stomach release hydrochloric acid that helps in breaking down of proteins. Hydrochloric acid helps to clean intestines and combats gastrointestinal diseases.(1)
  • Weight control: It is rich in phytonutrients that help in breaking down excess fat and also improves the metabolism, which further aids in weight loss.(1)
  • Relieves cough and cold: Black pepper powder has antibacterial properties that can help to cure cold, cough and chest congestion.(2)
  • Fights depression: It helps to deal with the depression as it contains piperine (alkaloid that provides black pepper its pungency). It stimulates the brain and makes it more active, thus helps it to function properly.(2)

Selection Guide

For pepper powder, it's better to buy whole peppercorn and crush it at home, as it makes sure that the spice retains its flavour and also lasts longer. When buying pepper powder in packaged form, make sure it is well sealed and free from clumps. It is easily available at every grocery store. Pepper powder deteriorates with time and can take on a bitter flavor, so buy in less quantity or as required to use. Look for its expiration date on the packaging.


Excessive consumption of black pepper powder can cause burning sensation inside the stomach. If it accidentally comes in contact with the eyes, it can cause burning sensation in the eyes as well.(3)

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