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Also Known As : Bell Peppers, Shimla mirch
Technical Name : Capsicum annuum


Taste Profile

It is sweet and spicy in taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Some people might find raw capsicum bitter. To curb that bitterness, it can be pickled or sauteed for a minute or two.

Common names and forms

  1. Bell Pepper
  2. Chopped Bell Pepper
  3. Chopped capsicum
  4. Green Bell Pepper
  5. Green Capsicum
  6. Green Pepper
  7. Green Peppers
  8. Oleoresin Capsicum
  9. Piment Vert
  10. Red Bell Pepper
  11. Red Capsicum
  12. Red Pepper
  13. Simla Chili
  14. Yellow Bell Pepper
  15. Yellow Capsicum
  16. Yellow Pepper



Native to American states, capsicum is now cultivated worldwide. Commonly known as bell pepper or chilli pepper, it is used for extra crunch in food and for giving a colourful appearance and a spicy flavour. It is available in green, yellow, orange and red colors.

Health benefits

  • Capsicum works as an excellent nutrient for good eyesight.(1)
  • It even helps to improve and strengthen the immune system.(1)  
  • Flavonoids present in capsicum are effective in treating respiratory illnesses such as wheezing, emphysema, asthma and lung infection.(1)
  • Anti-tumor properties present in capsicum are beneficial in treating various cancers.(2)
  • It contains tannins that help to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea.(2)
  • It is beneficial in preventing coronary heart disease.(2)

Selection Guide

Capsicum should be well shaped and should have a skin which is firm and shiny. Avoid those with soft spots or a shrivelled appearance.


Some of the side effects of capsicum are skin irritation, abdominal irritation and kidney damage.(3)

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