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Carbonated Water

Also Known As : Bubbly water, Fizzy water, Club soda, Soda water, sparkling soda


Taste Profile

It is tangy in taste.

Common names and forms

  1. Club soda
  2. Soda water
  3. Sparkling soda
  4. Sparkling water


Carbonated water is the water charged under pressure with carbon dioxide gas.It's also a calorie-free beverage that causes a bubbly sensation.It is used to marinate meat to make it softer and juicier.

Health benefits

  • People who experience constipation may find drinking carbonated water beneficial.(1) 
  • It can extend the feeling of fullness after meals.(1)
  • It also help to improve heart health.(1) 


Acids and sugars in carbonated water have acidogenic potential and can cause erosion of the teeth enamel.(2)

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