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Carom Seeds

Also Known As : Ajwain, ajowan, carom, bishop’s weed, Ajowan caraway, Ajowan-caraway, Ajwan, Thymol Seeds, falsely lovage seeds.
Technical Name : Trachyspermum ammi


Taste Profile

Carom seeds have a bitter and sharp taste and a aroma similar to thyme.

Usage Tips

  1. Carom seeds are commonly used for flavoring biscuits, savouries, sauces and pickles. They also good for seasoning fish and chicken dishes. They great as mouth fresheners and for making herbal tea.
  2. Carom seed oil is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. These seeds are best stored in tightly sealed containers away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Common names and forms

  1. Ajawon
  2. Ajma
  3. Ajowan
  4. Ajowan (Bishops Seed)
  5. Ajwain
  6. Ajwain (Carom Seeds)
  7. Ajwain powder
  8. Ajwain Whole
  9. Bishop's Weed
  10. Bishop's Weed (Ajwain)
  11. Bishops Seeds
  12. Carom
  13. Carom Powder
  14. Carom Seeds Powder
  15. Carrom seeds
  16. Carum Coptium Powder
  17. Organic Ajwain
  18. Organic Ajwain Powder
  19. Roasted carom seeds powder
  20. Thymol Seeds
  21. Yavanaka
  22. Yavani
  23. Yellow Carom


Carom seeds are a spice derived from a herb plant that belongs to the Apiaceae family. They are small seeds that are curved in shape and are very aromatic.They range from green to brown in color and are striped and have a fine silk stalk attached. These seeds resemble the seeds of other plants in the Apiaceae family such as cumin, caraway and fennel. The carom plant has its origins in India and Middle East and its usage is most prevalkent in Indian and middle-eastern cuisines. This spice is easily available all through the year.

Health benefits

  • Carom seeds are very effective in giving relief in digestive distress such as acidity or indigestion.(1)
  • They help release of gastric juices, which cause good digestion of food thus eliminating gastric problems.(1)
  • They cause a reduction of calcium deposition in the body, which reduces the risk of kidney stone development.(1)
  • Since, they prevent too much calcium from being absorbed by the body, this property helps in regulating blood pressure and maintaining the flow of blood, thus relaxing the blood vessel walls and relieving high blood pressure.(1)

Selection Guide

Select carom seeds that are in sealed packaging without any signs of dampness, insect infestation or mould growth.


Excess consumption of carom seeds may result in nausea,dizziness increased heart rate and palpitations due to the compound Thymol present in it. People suffering from liver conditions must not consume carom seeds, as thymol, may cause permanent liver damage in them. Their overconsumption may also cause acidity.

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