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Usage Tips

  1. Caseinates can be used as food additives for emulsification and stabilization functions in food products and beverages. They can also be used for strengthening proteins in food. They can be used in bakery products, confectionery, dairy products and beverages.


Caseinates are the soluble salts of acid casein, known as milk protein. They are widely popular for their nutritional content, containing all essential amino acids and a minimum protein content of 90%. Caseinate are created as an effect of reaction between acid casein and lye(sodium hydroxide). It is usually sodium(exhibit a smooth mouthfeel when dispersed in water) or calcium(least water-soluble and exhibit a slightly gritty mouthfeel) caseinates, both of which are spray-dried and often used as food additive in the form of emulsifier or hemuctant in meat products. It is also considered as a source of protein, foam stabilizer or as an ingredient in milk and cream substitutes.

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