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Also Known As : Kaju (Hindi), anacardio, noce d'anacardio, mandorlad'anacardio (Italian), cashew, cashew tree, cashew nut, cashew apple, cashew kernel (English), acajuban, kashunuss ,cashewnuss (German), Casa,maranon,Merey, nuez de maranon (Spanish), acajou, kashu ,cashewnoten (Dutch)
Technical Name : Anacardium occidentale


Taste Profile

It has a rich nutty flavor.

Usage Tips

  1. Asian and Indian cuisines frequently include whole or chopped cashews as a stir-fry ingredient and in curries.
  2. Cashews can be enjoyed as a snack as they are. They can also be eaten salted or sweetened.
  3. Split or crushed cashew along with almonds and pistachio is often sprinkled over desserts, particularly sundaes.
  4. It may also be used to flavor drinks or be fermented to produce vinegar or alcoholic beverages.
  5. Cashews should be kept in an airtight container.

Common names and forms

  1. Broken Cashewnuts
  2. Cashew Bits
  3. Cashew Kernels
  4. Cashew Kernels With Skin
  5. Cashew nut with skin (Roasted)
  6. Cashew Nuts
  7. Cashew nuts powder
  8. Cashewnut (Natural)
  9. Cashews
  10. Cashews Broken
  11. Cashews Splits
  12. Chopped cashewnut
  13. Crushed Cashew Nuts
  14. Fresh Cashews
  15. Fried Cashews
  16. Kaju
  17. Kaju Nuts
  18. Natural Cashews
  19. Organic Cashew
  20. Organic Cashew Nuts
  21. Premium Cashews
  22. Premium Exotic Cashew
  23. Premium Exotic Cashew W180
  24. Raw Cashew
  25. Raw Sweet Cashew nuts Split
  26. Raw Sweet Cashew nuts Whole
  27. Raw Sweet Cashewnuts Lwp
  28. Roasted Exotic W180 Cashews
  29. Roasted Handpicked Exotic Cashews
  30. Roasted Handpicked exotic W180 Cashews
  31. Whole Cashew Nuts
  32. Whole Cashews


Cashews are the kidney-shaped seeds that grow inside a cashew apple which is also known as a drupe. The cashew fruit has two distinct parts: the fleshy pear-shaped stalk or stem known as the cashew-apple, two to four inches in length and the heart-shaped nut, the true fruit, about an inch in length that is attached to the lower end of the apple. Cashew in its natural form is a soft, white and a meaty kernel. Cashews are usually classified as nuts because they possess many of the similar physical and nutritional characteristics as that of true nuts. Cashews are native to Brazil but today India is the world's largest producer as well as consumer of cashews.They are available in market as whole, powdered form, roasted or even fried and salty form.

Health benefits

  • Cashews are a good source of magnesium, which helps to maintain blood pressure, boost immunity, maintain nerve functioning, and keeps the bones strong. Magnesium is also involved in various metabolic functions and helps to regulate the blood sugar levels of the body via insulin activity. (1)
  • It is a good source of healthy dietary fats like MUFA and PUFA that helps in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, and K and also reduces the absorption of LDL cholesterol by the body. This reduces the chances of cholesterol accumulation in the arteries and maintains heart health. (1)
  • Cashews are rich in copper, which helps in the metabolism of iron, aiding in the formation of red blood cells (RBC), and helping to keep the bones and immune system healthy. (1)
  • Cashews contain zinc, which plays a vital role in the strengthening of the immune system against microbial infections, and the healing of wounds. (1)
  • Proanthocyanidin is a type of flavonol which is present in cashews that stops the tumor cells from growing. The copper and proanthocyanidins content of cashews work together in preventing cancer. (2)
  • It contains high levels of lutein and other vital antioxidants that protect our eyes from getting damaged. It also ensures healthy eyesight. (2)

Selection Guide

Check to make sure there is no evidence of moisture or insects. Buy shelled nuts that feature bright cream-white, compact, uniform and feel heavy in hand. They should be free from cracks, mold, and spots and free of rancid smell.


Cashew nut allergy is a common hypersensitivity condition in some individuals, especially in the children. The reaction symptoms may range from simple skin itching (hives) to severe form of anaphylaxis. (3)

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